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    Is it just me, or is he losing the charm he built his career on?

    Like the new short haircut, the whole pregnancy scandal, not to mention he getting older and older.

    soon all the teenage girls will stop fawning over him and he will just be another average joe haha
  2. with the amount of money hes made, i dont think it matters.

    get it as a kid, and sit back and play the game.
  3. Man I haven't heard anything about him in a while.
    Like the Jonas brothers, I don't hear nothing about them anymore.
    These turds just fade away.
    Good. xD

  4. hopefully haha.

    remember aaron carter?

    me neither, 'till i saw him on a nostalgia thread and was like "OHHH YEAAA" i remember him haha.

    he was like the 90s bieber
  5. I was pissed at that dude, aaron carter when I was a kid. Cause he was bangin Lizzy macguire, and that was my bitch!

  6. haha dam i remember her.

    she was fine as shizzz
  7. [ame=]Justin Bieber Found To Be Cleverly Disguised 51-Year-Old Pedophile - YouTube[/ame]
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  8. It's called a one hit wonder man lol.
    That's how are society is now, no one knows what it is to be an individual, and that's why I try to keep to myself and my good friends. I can't stand it, like I don't see how people can follow someone else just because it's popular, half the shit people do, say, etc, they really don't like it. They're just doing it because it's "cool"

    But yeah, the whole Beiber hair and shit, it's just a trend, it goes away when people find something else to follow and ruin their individuality as if they had any before.

    But the kid has some money, even though I hate his personality and how he tries to be a rapper after dropping songs only girls listen to,

  9. yea definitely man, it's like everything is an affectation nowadays

    and unfortunately, i knew guys who listened to justin bieber, it's fuckin hilarious

  10. I love that part, good shit lol

  11. yeaaaa, i sure dont know 'em anymore :laughing:

    they were some illegal mexicans who were like "mannnn, all the bitches listen to it" (in the accent as well haha)

  12. yeee homes, fu yu beeesh.

    that's my mexican accent lol

    I'm half mexican, only part I like about it is the tan lol

  13. I hear that tends to happen the longer you stay alive.
  14. [ame=]South Park - Justin Bieber dies (HD) - YouTube[/ame]

  15. :eek: holy shit bro, thats crazy!

  16. haha yep. half mexican half white right?
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. these little pop stars are getting younger and younger, stupid preteen girls are gonna have posters of a fetus on their walls soon

  19. Quoted for truth.

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