my thoughts on heaven and hell

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Stoner Person, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. my thoughts are that there is no heaven and there is no hell. what i think is that the human race just needed an ultimate law. therefore coming up with an ultimate punishment for breaking the law-hell. but there also needed to be a reward for being "good" so we came up with the idea of heaven, without a reward for being good whats the point?
    and regarding jesus and all that crap i think it is just loosely based on stuff that some guy did. there werent any miracles, there were hallucinations.

    but it also may be that i have been getting stoned all the time since i was 12 years old

    i'm not sure

    peace out
  2. i'd have to disagree with u on that. i believe there is something out there greater than us. i believe that jesus was in fact real.he did miraculous things.the bible and all that i believe to, to some extent. i was also raised RC so it was bred into me. naturally, so i do believe. but i believe in many things. i like diff. bits and pieces of diff. beliefs. and i kinda add what i think is true and inspiring to my life.and i try to live a happy life;)!

    woops forgot to finish the question lol, so yes i do believe in heaven and hell.
  3. There could be a heaven and hell, who knows? Not me, not you, not anyone on the planet earth. Unfortunate, isn't it. Go vote in my simple and stripped pole!
  4. i believe the is a higher force.. like a god or whatever you want to call him.. im not really sure what happens after we die but i am sure we go somewhere and are all eternally happy.. i dont believe much in the bible because look at people in those times.. they want you to believe that certain people just saw things and god told these people to spread the word.. and more people got it and started to put into a book or whatever.. how come if there is so many un believers then why hasent god sent someone or something to give us a sign.. or more things to abide by.. and because most people are sinfull why wouldent he try to guide us.. i do believe in a god.. but i wont believe what was put in front of me by humans.. i dont trust them at all.. i mean us...
  5. No one knows if there is anything out there, NO ONE.

    However i do believe there is Heaven and Hell, i believe, that dosen't mean to say there is, does it?
  6. I have been a devout(dont think this is the correct term to match this post so please forgive me for my action my friend) atheist(sp?) since I was a young child this means I didnt speak out agaisnt other religions like a pissed off goth-poser kid, it just meant that my views vairied with others and I respected their religion of choice, but I do believe that Jesus did live but he was most different not in a spiritual way, but in a mental way, he was a peace loving man and yes I do mean man as in mortal( not trying to argue with other members) with ideas of peace, love, and equility.

    So he lived his live due to this ,he would help who ever he could, but the people began with The KIng of The Jews bit, and then we know the rest.

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