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Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. every day i watch the news for probably a few hours throughout the day. i keep up w/virtually every noteworthy newsevent that comes across CNN or ABC news.

    i have a very grim feeling about the escalating tensions that are mounting between the United States and Iran. Iran is being of accused of conspiring to enrich uranium for the development of nuclear weapons. Iran insists that it wants a nuclear program to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The US doesn't believe it. Very recently Iran has publicly announced that it has successfully enriched uranium and must be respected as a nuclear power in the world.

    The president of Iran is a crazy mothefucker. If you recall he said that Israel should be wiped off the face of planet earth. He also said that Palestine would be liberated "soon". This guy is a religious extremist and believes that his religion's version of the rapture is going to occurr soon where Allah will return and kill all of the enemies of Islam. The koran says that this will occurr in a time of great crisis, and it is believed by the president's (iran) consituents that he wants to provoke a nuclear war to cause this time of great turmoil.

    If the US did attack Iran, there are plans to use a nuclear bunker buster to destroy the underground centrifuges that produce the enriched uranium. the reason why a nuclear weapon would have to be used is because the centrifuges are encased in several feet of concrete and steel and a nuclear blast is the only thing strong enough to guarantee complete destruction of them.

    so, think how it would look if the US launched an unprovoked preemptive attack on a muslim nation... That will set off a chain of events that will envolve a lot of people getting killed. I wish we could all just get along. You can't hug your children with nuclear arms.
  2. Many Christians believe that the world will also end in nuclear war. This news story should make them all (anyone who believes in the End Of The World prophesies) happy as all get out. Damned religious extremists!

    Maybe we should start teaching the 'Duck & Cover' exercises in our schools again...?! :rolleyes:

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