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  1. That is so incredibly unorthodox. I am not a racist. I am the opposite of that!:wave:
    Anyways, for people who are racists, question this:
    If we didn't let people of mixed ethnicities living in america, then our military would not be as strong and powerful as it is today :)
    You know what i mean? :eek:
    We have the superpower military in the world,
    and its because our country has immigrants, from around the world.. I'm thankful to live in this beautiful country :)
  2. Is there anyway you could explain your logic?

    I agree with the no racist part but the better military? That's a stumper
  3. Sorry I put it that way, but i meant our country would not be as more convenient and modern then what it is today.
  4. :rolleyes:
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    So you are not racist because you believe that the U.S needs to use more slaves to fight for them?

    So you are not racist but you are with the U.S military who present racism at its finest.

    I thought you would say something like all men are equal and that we are all born one and die one but live individually. Or something like it is what we are and not who we are.

    Truth is us foreigners have built your country and have kept it going, got paid less than any american and still continued, got treated like shit and still continued working, never got thanked and still kept working. These people have built your country and can destroy it. ( this is not personal at all, i'm just defending those people)
  6. I dont agree exactly with what you say...BUT I know what you meant and that's if they weren't here to begin with we wouldnt have the power we have now.
  7. Not to be rude, but is English your second language?

    I think of racism like this:

    I could never hate a whole group of people based of my experiences with certain members of a group. There will ALWAYS be someone in a race that thinks similar to me. There will be a bunch that I like and would relate to. So I could never hate someone based off someone else.
  8. I love how one dimensional racists are. How easy it is to be disgusted of them because they do not have a single redeeming quality. I especially love that they hold the exact same deplorable stance regardless of the merit of the characters they hate, regardless of their impressive work ethic and personal excellence. I love that racists haven't contributed a single thing worth a damn, yet still cling to the delusion of superiority. I love that I can detest them openly and deservedly.
  9. I love how some of take something the op said and twist it.....but honesty who cares everyone is racist just accept it. Blacks hates whites, Hispanic hates blacks, white hates all. Anyways, if I'm considered racist so be it, I have my reasons to hate certain races.

  10. No.

    One does not have to be attracted to all races to be deemed "non-racist."

    Attraction isn't something a person can control. If a white dude is only attracted to white chicks then so be it, that's just what his brain responds to.
  11. well personally.. im not even a rascist. all men are created equal. i just meant that both foreigners AND white people helped create this country. They fought each other, they imprisoned each other, and they stereotyped each other for a long time.
    Now look at the U.S. now, we are all living together in peace. That is what makes our country so beautiful :)
    #powerfulmilitary #superpower #jk #imkindabaked
  12. Let's not forget, there will always be racism because the arabs and jews kill each other :((((((

  13. i agree with the first part, but i don't think all of one race hates another...everybody is different, of course depends on what one considers racism, stereotypes of races will always be around, i think; the way i'd define racism, is literally hating an entire race because of their skin color, and or attributes, actions, or qualities about them. I dont consider jokes, or stereotypes racist though
  14. NO, He's gay
  15. Foreigners imprisoned whites ? And you call this peace ?
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  17. Racism is caused by fear. Fear is caused by ignorance. Ignorance is cause by stupidity. Stupidity is infinite.

  18. That doesnt have shit to do with race, thats a religious conflict.

  19. fuck your're racist.

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