My Thizzles / new BONG :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. These Thizzles are fuckin FAT. They 100% Hyphy's (got 100% on 'em) abut sinc ei used a camera phone, aint no seein the "100%". Anythings... They all diff colors. Blue/white/purple/red/orange, real weird.


    Here's the 3 I copped on an American Quarter (Thas how big them beezies are)


    Now here's my new glass bong. Hit's nice n fresh. gotta cop me a glass bowl for it though.


    Tonight I'm smokin some dank before I pope these thizzles, then im smokin more for the come down. Got work at 10am tommorow, im gonn pop these thizzles at.... prolly 11 tonight.
  2. Nice bong, I'd comment on the thizz aswell but I wouldn't know what the fuck I'm talking about.
  3. Thanks mayne, these thizzles make you GO! That bong hits clean too :D Mmmm
  4. I like the bong.

    Dont know what else you expect me to say...
  5. A pre-requisite for joining grasscity should be a class on macro-photography 101 :p
  6. I know bro, you hate thizz... thanks bout the bong though

    Haha, Rasta man! How was your trip through Canada!?> Good to see you back, tha's a camera phone, aint no macro. I know how to take macro shots with a real camera. haha
  7. I dont hate it. I dont knock what a dude uses.

    I jus dont liek seein a dude somebody cares about fuckin do shit endless, Keep havin eye openin experiences and not learnin from them.

    Ive expressed how ive felt a few times, Dont know what to say anymore.

    Ya know.

    Oh well.
  8. I gotcha bro, aint no drivin or nothin tonight,.
  9. Cool bong, Im still a little confused about what thizz is, if I'm not mistaken it is like ecstasy or something right?
  10. hey i had some single stack 100%, and they WHERE 100% thizz. they where only singles but i popped 2 and i was thizzin pretty good. nice bong too. i hate not having weed
  11. Oh fa sho? These thangs are fuckin HUGE! I mean god damn, 3 of em are all tha'll fit on a quarter coin. lol. I'm popin in about 25 min
  12. What is thizz? Thizz is what it iz :p Haha, thizz = ecstasy, correct :)

  13. yeah they where 100% MDMA
  14. ya cuddie them look nice!!! u have fun thizzin ur night away i wish i was there with u man
  15. Zoowooo wats good smoken. Im feeling the lil bong and of course the THIZZZ. shit i picked up 4 white ladys last night and did 2. Just got home about 10 mins ago. Feelling all nice and thinking pretty deep. Guna smoke a couple more bowls then hit up my lady. But im with ya doggy. I dont got work tomorow so well see wat happens. Stay up and STAY NICE! pinche wey =]:smoking:
  16. I stopped doing alot of thigns including drinkin,but if I had a choice of a hard drug too do,it would be Thizz.

    I'm not gonna preach,but try to be productive,and respect the drug you are taking,don't just do it to party,be constructive and do domething creative or use it as a self analyzing guide....Those are some beautifull pills by the way,hoping to get 100 pills if I can to last me the year if I do decide to go back to thizzing.

    Thizz what it is cause it is the begginning to self awareness and realization if you use it properly.....

    On a side note,Alcohol has no self advancing tools within it whatsover,therefore rendering it a useless burden on society.Ectacy used properly can open gateways in the subconsious that's been locked for eons...:hello::hello::yay::yay::metal::metal:
  17. Yoooo, damn I was one rollin ass motha fucka lasdt night. I'm still feelin it a bit. Unfortunately, I have work in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

    But I don't feelr el bad or nothin, bhout to take some vitamins to helps bring my body back up to speed :)

    Thizz iz love, Killaclam.

    Yo Phattoi, you got them Ladies! Noice, they some good pills 'round here. White Ladies, my favorite.
  18. Smokentoke, did you pay a lot for those 100%s?

  19. No, no they weren't. If they were 100% MDMA, they couldn't stay together... MDMA doesn't stick together, thats why X has fillers.


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