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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by telluride toker, Apr 5, 2004.


What do you think of this? (read post first)

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  2. I already knew this.

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  1. Ok, this is just a small rant, but here goes:

    If you look at the technological advancements in the last 10,000 years you can see the exponential increase in technology and inventions. We\'ve gone from spears to nuclear weapons in a few thousand years. Watching the way humans handle one another and handle their power has led me to a conclusion:
    We are not mature enough to have the technology we have. We have produced things that we don\'t have the power to handle. We are not mature enough to have nuclear weapons. We\'re just not. It\'s not that humans are naturally evil or anything, we\'re just not mature enough. It\'s like giving a 4 year old a loaded handgun. Sure, he could use it, but does that mean he could do it in a responsible way?

    I\'m sure this was already obvious to some of you, and some of you will disagree with me, but oh well.
  2. I do agree with you but have to say that I believe some people were just born evil.
  3. I chose: I Already Knew This, but I don\'t totally agree with you.

    I think we are mature enough to have all the technology that we do. However, I do not think we are able to handle the effect all this new technology has on our society. Everything in moderation as they say.
  4. I say we give everyone guns.
    Ever hunted another human??
    Adrenalin is my most addictive drug.
  5. Well...I don\'t think we ever will be able to say: \"All technology is being used entirely for good.\" Not as long as there is poverty and crisis in the world.

    This reminds me of something Einstein said: \"I don\'t know what weapons they\'ll use in WW III. But WW IV will be fought with clubs\"
  6. it would be fucking sweet if all technology could be erased, and back to the old barter syatem, dont need anything fansy... just growing the crops, raising the cattle and a few bowls before dinner... but really, all technology is mostley is finding quicker ways to kill eachother, and since your lazy you get a large portion of your country to go to anothers to kill eachother (no specific event, just war in general) since forever we have been fighting, but at least if we didnt have bombs to go way the hell over there, we could have leaders from other colonies that are local talk it out, now people can communicate better that thousands of years ago, and i really think the world would be better... and it would get rid of a lot of pollution and stuff like that with all the machines throwin smoke everywhere.... but we would still have to have the internet.... that or start a grass city!

    edit: by the way.... im incredibility high... so if i made no sence sorry

  7. how ya gonna have the net without power stations?

  8. That\'s one of my favorite quotes. By the way, it\'s \"WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones.\" Not to nitpick, just wanted to get the quote right.
  9. And its no fun at all if they have a gun as well :D.
  10. Told, you don\'t know what you\'re missing.
    And Critter it\'s more fun when it\'s on equal terms,no danger, no threat = no fun.
    I know I\'m a little insane but it\'s the only fair way to hunt,how can killing an animal be seen as an achievement if you do it with a weapon,(unless you\'re prepared to take on a tiger with a knife).
    Big white hunter types who use bows and guns are chicken shits,if a moose could use an AK47 it would be different.
    I also like fighting against the odds and pride myself on my ability to survive, most people rely on someone else to protect them,I don\'t have to.
    It\'s an adrenaline thing. LOVE IT !!!!!!
  11. Mutant monkey I love the way you think.Lets hunt together sometime.

  12. Yeah dogs are a pain but they are shit at climbing,and they can\'t open doors.Mashcat wouldn\'t be to keen on dogs either.
  13. I don\'t think that some people are Born evil. I think it\'s all how hey grew up. I grew up in a quiet family. Hence, I am quiet. Some people grow up in a hectic family. There are hectic. No one is born evil ... hmm didn\'t vote yet.. i\'m getting to it i promise :D

  14. I suppose it is easier to blame the parents when a 6 year old blows his grandfathers head off.They may not be born evil but they soon know how to be evil and they like it.

  15. The other members of my family are nothing like me,maybe I was switched at birth.

    I just have to disagree,I was born with a mean streak,I didn\'t need any encouragement to do the shit I\'ve done.
    I know myself and as long as I can remember I have been a little bit on the nasty side,fire has long been a favourite play thing.I have heard tales from my mother of \"running away\" with my sister and cousin along a disused railway and then I left them and ran away before heading home.I was 5 my sis was 6 and my cousin was about 4.
    My mom asked why I had done it and I said\"I don\'t want my sister to live with us anymore\".
    I also know the enjoyment I get from winding up bullies and then pounding them into the ground,I do it deliberately just so I have an excuse to hurt them.I pick on known bullies because I know that then people will just say well the guy was a bully and got what he deserved.It\'s all a game to me,I get to test if I can still cut it and nobody cares about the other guy.Plus nobody fucks with me.

  16. Yeah ME !!!!!!
    I take full responsibility for being a first class bastard when I feei I can get away with it or when I am so inclined.
    Nothing and nobody makes do what I don\'t want to,if you put a gun to my head I would try to take it off you and if I did then god help you because I wouldn\'t kill you right away.
    I don\'t fight because I don\'t have to.
    I am sometimes very evil and guess what?
    It\'s MY choice.
    Why does everyone always try to blame someone else for thier actions.
    If you are a complete wanker at least have the honesty to admit to it,I do.
  17. lol,l bet your a 90lbs skinny kid :D

    this is the net where you can be who ya wanna be ,lol.


  18. my theory is that rich people maintain power though wars [controling the masses]

    lf good honest people with no power trips were in control worldwide there would be no wars.or a need for them.

  19. I am what I am and thats that really.
    It doesn\'t matter how big you are(I\'m 6\'2\") it\'s how much damage you can do,a little bit of semtex makes a fucking big mess.The main thing is how smart and how vicious you\'re prepared to be,why should I care about a 200lb dumb fuck when I\'ve just poisoned the prick or about the dickhead who\'s brakes I\'ve just cut.
    The most dangerous enemy is one who doesn\'t care about his own safety all he cares about is his goal,never underestimate anyone.
    This isn\'t about what I am but what some of us can be if we have a disregard for human life,I know what I am capable of.
    My enemy is disposable,if thinking like this makes me evil so be it.

  20. rotflmao,l love it .Ya gonna poision me or cut my brake lines before ya good enough,lol.

    Go back to the play ground .

    No sorry, stay and tell me more about being tough.

    l,am rotflmao,ya just too funny.[​IMG]

    p.s. l do hope ya not one of those people that poision my dog cause ya just too damn scared to face me .Sounds like it.

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