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My theory

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dr_krapp, May 22, 2003.

  1. Well it began when they came down from the sky, and messed with the genes of monkeys, creating the first humans,they were as the samerians calleds them, the 'anunaki' witch in babylonian means something like hidious being. they were aliens astronaughts, the first pictures on them were cave drawings of creatures with one eye in the middle of their head (a viser on a helmet). the samerians knew all all 12 planets in our solor system (more then we know today) and knew exactly what each one was made of. they also knew they exsact human DNA chane before we do today. Also most bible stories from the bible can be traced to the anunaki, for example when they first left never to return the tower of babylon was built to follow then but it collasped frombeing to tall. Also why are there 2500 year old batteries in the iragi deserts, they're made of clay with metal electrodes and have traces of what they put in batteries in them. also stories tell of the creture they built, who 'were not alive but acted so', they were androids.

    but the ancient tablets tell of a terrible flood caused by them but one human over heard and bulit a boat, because when they left they flooded parts of the planet to kill us off as one rebal uprising killed one of the anunaki leaders so they realised we could be a threat to them and tried to kill us off.

    i'll post more when i remember, i have converted many a person to become 'anunian' as we beleive in no heaven or hell we can pretty much do anything not morally wrong.
  2. Hmmm, Dr. krapp, seems apropriate;)
  3. it would be reson theres no 'missing link' there never was one

  4. LMAO lol!!!
  5. i explain things better stoned so wait till later tonight then i'll tell u about it better(if i remember to come here that is)
  6. i explain stuff better when stoned too (well, atleast i think i do;))
  7. i've been told i do, but i knew i'd forgot to do summit lol
  8. i think i said something about this in another thread, but i'll make it short.

    no aliens involved in the evolution of human. that was really short, right :)

    [teosophism wrapped in ufo paper, no planet X, and the pseoudo science got gaping holes that'll make the grand canyon look like a minor rift]

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