My Theory on The Criminalization of Marijuana

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  1. This is the article where my theory originates from. Constructed completely in my mind under the influence.

    A theory it brought me to is unbelievable. Basically the gist of it is this. A tribe in Africa that worships cannabis and holds a year long cannabis celebration every 50 years to to celebrate it's beliefs. There beliefs are almost backed up. There belief is this. . . . . The tribe knew of a star. A star they worshiped. They knew this star was the center of a certain galaxy thousands of years before scientest figured this out. How did they know? Well there belief is an amphibious creature came to them and the one thing they gave them "For the good of mankind" was cannabis. Is that why cannabis can represent so many flavors on Earth and much more? Sounds far fetched but I believe. How else did they have these beliefs about the galaxy thousands of years before it was proven.

    Now here's my theory. In 1937, fueled by racist propaganda which includes statements like "Marihuana influences Negroes to look at white people in the eye, step on white men's shadows and look at a white woman twice.", Harry Anslinger succesfully makes marijuana illegal in America. No study done. Then a few years later the same man representing America's beliefs in front of the many countries who probably didn't like us stands before the United Nations, with no study done most of the countries of the world agree to make cannabis illegal.

    My belief is summed up by this: There is way more money in treating cancer than there is in curing cancer. All the scientist who get millions of dollars to work on "Finding" a cure. As long as they are "Finding" a cure they get paid millions of dollars to do so. The money people spend in treating cancer will always outweigh the money in curing it. It's not about saving lives to them, it's about the money. The pharmeucitcal industry does everything it can to keep cannabis illegal. If marijuana was legal the economy would probably be a lot better. Imagine all the money to be made? All the people who could find jobs in the industry. Just about anyone could become a grower. I think there truly is a reason the government is trying to keep us from the miracle drug.
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  3. I always heard they did it because of the Mexicans?

    Who knows..? A dead man.
  4. Yeah that's more likely. But as far as keeping it illegal.
  5. I like pineapplee express' theory best lol
  6. lol, Yeah that was pretty funny.
  7. Its so much deeper than that.
  8. No way. Doctors arent in it for the money, the majority of them are in it to better human progression.

    Its illegal because politicians wont win elections by legalizing an illegal substance.
  9. Conclusion is that you'll have to violently silence me
    Cause I raid the airwaves of cutthroat piracy
    In school my teachers blinded me
    But now I can see
    I'm mentally and revolutionarily free
    Broadening Horizons about what my people could be
    If we wasn't set up to get shot locked or OD
    You see families bleed because of corporate greed
    And monopolizing weed is virtually impossible
    So it wont be legalized and thats another obstacle
    But I'm still rollin up pocket fulls of tropical
    The governments involved directly so its unstoppable
    Like a nuclear rocket full of biochemical toxins that invade the ecological
    Improbable that the average intellect could understand
    So I encrypted this into hip hop thats in high demand
    and spread it through the ghetto of every city like contraband
    Stomp a man of any complexion with a devilish nature
    Cause I'm tryin to save the earth, but your just next in line to rape her
  10. Maybe they'll legalize it someday when the economy crashes.. if it ever does.
  11. why the fuck was a plant that can easily just randomly pop up in your backyard made illegal in the first place
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    actually, it was cocaine that was made illegal cuz it made negroes become crazed and attack white men, rape white women, and made white women lust after negro's

    weed was made illegal for the same kinda reasons for mexican immigrants

    and opium for the chinese

    edit: and cannabis cant just "pop up" in your back yard, cannabis is not a native plant to the united states, although they did find wild marijuana plants in yellowstone i believe, and the feds wanted to hack em down but their protected cuz its such a rare thing and its in a national park..

    but yea, if it wasnt for immigrants, marijuana would never exist in the US.. same with cocaine
  13. mexicans and alcohol.

    wanted to keep one out,

    wanted to keep one from being out-done
  14. i heard that stem cell research as also found to cure diabetes (SP)

  15. If that's the case, so was marijuana. There's many (sickening but ignorantly humorous) quotes to back this up.
  16. ya its cus they were like, mexicans arent workin as well or somethin and they blamed it on weed
  17. They paired whatever drug they were looking to make illegal to whatever race/group of people was being highly looked down upon in society.. like saying, "if you do this drug, you will be like them"

    Blacks = Cocaine
    Mexicans = Marijuana
    Hippies = Psychadelics
    Bums/homeless = Crack/others

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