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My theory on Pot. (While Stoned lol)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by buds2k, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Well iv'e been a regular user for quite some time now...but just till recentley the last 3 months of my life have been very very stressful...during those last 3 months..i lost my arrested and went to jail...i wast my self that whole time cause i was so down...i got extrmemly lucky and the charges got dropped...but i quit leading up to court just incase i was getting probation...that was only a short quit though around almost 3 weeks....but during that time of smoking while being depressed made the high not so good...i still got stoned everyday besides the small break and it just wasnt the same...friends and g/f were telling me i wasn't my was cause i was extremely i just got a job by using substitution lol...i have no criminal record when i now...the high is soooooo much better...and it is the same bud too so thats not the diffrence...i got some mad mad haze dank...its very very nice...but yeah back to the my opinion when your happy and stable with your life...smoking pot is just soo much ruined it for me while i was in such a crappy state of mind.....i might get flammed for this...but i really think smoking while depressed is a bad thing..well it is for me anyway....kind of made me really paranoid and made me thionk of all the stuff that was bringing me down even more..but now that im happy i'm enjoying it soo much again...ecspecially when im hitting it out of my bong that was just in the freezer with ice and water....mmmmmmmm..later
  2. Meh smoking when depressed may make you think more of suicide, but I dunno. I started smoking when I was at a shitty point in my life. I was depressed, had shitty grades (D's n shit), and I had a lot of people who didn't like me. After I started smoking, it all changed. I am overall happier, my grades are up to C's and B's, and basically everyone now likes me, I am just a better person after I started smoking, but everyone is a little different with how this is pursued. Just like there are 3 different people who smoke. The ones who don't want anyone to know they smoke, the ones who let everyone know and dont care, and the ones in the middle. Me, I just tell everyone and I dont care, it has its pro's and con's just like the other 2 kinds of people, but still I think I am better overall person after I started smoking, yay me =)
  3. I'm feeling depressed and down right now. Nothing seems to be going my way and I'm completely stressing out over everything. Personally, I'd rather be smoking right now than when I'm incredibly happy. Sometimes you just need some greens when you got the blues.
  4. I turn to weed when I'm bored.

    I get bored easily.
  5. yeah weed is deffinitly a great cure for makes almost any situation fun...
  6. i agree when a bunch of shitty things like that happen to you in quick succession it's not a good idea to smoke weed. but if i'm just having a crappy day then there's nothin like coming home to a bowl or two of some good weed. it takes that tension out of your muscles, you're relaxed, and you can totally lose yourself in some tv or a good book or something and forget all the obstacles your day has thrown at you.
  7. if ur just having a shitty day there is nothing like some bud to get u going.. .. but if im really fucked up about soemting going on in my life i pass on burning for a whijle...

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