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    Everybody is aware of how prevalent technology is in society these days. It seems as though the older we get the more reliant we become on it. I believe that this willing dependency does not bode well for us as a whole.

    Look back in the not so distant past when communities were practically self sufficient. Those days are long gone. Technology is replacing human labor - even some fast food joints now have you order from a machine. But, more importantly, technology is centralizing where that money goes! Despite making it seem like it serves the public, in reality, fewer and fewer people are benefiting from it. Surely, something doesn't seem right.

    Now, what I am about to explain may seem extreme. However, I think it follows today's current trend and is not too far outside the realm of possibility.

    Further into the future, technology will be so adapted into society that jobs will be virtually unnecessary. Machines will do the work for everybody. This seems awesome, doesn't it? Well, it's not. That is, unless you're one of the privileged few living in the upper class.

    Poor people will no longer be needed to do those jobs that nobody wants to do. The majority of the world will no longer be required to help run things. So, one of two things will happen:

    1. The World sees a class gap the extent of which we've never seen before. The difference between someone of money and someone of poverty will be astronomical. Even wider than it is now. Living conditions of those poor people will be so grossly ignored that the majority will die off. It will be as if the poor are a dying breed on the verge of extinction because, without the need to do the lower end jobs, why keep them around? The upper class will strip them of every advantage because what's the use of wasting time and energy on them? Personally, this is the path I see us heading down.

    2. The same divide occurs here but, rather than wait for the poor to die off, the upper class simply kills off the lower class. I don't mean going out and slaughtering people but in very subtle yet effective means. After all, why would the rich allow for the poor to take away their resources?

    Either way, the future is not bright.
  2. Wow, this really does make sense. Right now, I am in fear of what is going to become of humanity with all the technological advancements. I agree that our culture is becoming very dependant on technology. Something that I'm concerned about is how the goverment wants to censor and control what we do on the internet soon. I truly believe that right now is the near the end of a "free" internet, as there are so many restrictions to come.

  3. I think you're right. We really are on the brink of a watershed era. It's really just a question of when this will happen.
  4. "It's the have-not's I'd worry about.. I don't think i'd want to be the one that haves in here.." - Law Abiding Citizen

    Basically, the poor out number the rich, a simple "umm how about... go fuck yourself" and a few guns and we got the rich running for the hill. Of course the end result is still chaos. But that is inevitable
  5. only one thing to do now. start killing of the rich. I am starting the Rag Resistance. We will burn down their houses, rape their children and wives and blow up Wall St. Whos with me!!!!!

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