my theory of life(crazy thought)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by My hit yet?420, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. yea... i dont really know how to explain it... ill start by explaining how i thought of it. one day i was just feelin depressed, it was like 5 and i didnt smoke yet so i was jus in a bitchy mood.. my friend ashley was telling me how her love life sucked and shit so i was gettin in a shitty want-to-be high state of mind. she doesnt like the idea of me bein a stoner cuz shes one of those stuck up girls.. but i was like ya know u dunt even understand shit the way i do.. and shes like what do you mean? n i told her that when i smoke it makes me happy and isnt that what lifes about, just being happy? god put us on the earth with nothing, just to find a way to be happy, like his little game of "black&white"(if no1 knows what that is its quiet like sims) and you know how people who dont smoke are always saying potheads are loosers and they suck at life and shit.. well we're happy arent we? those people who dont smoke are always miserable and shit worrying about what to do next or bout thwere love life, just shit... now i say they suck at life.. they cant even stay happy, like i said god put us on the earth to find a way to be happy and they cant do it... my other view is about the famous saying, "the good die young" and in church they always say the holy people die a non-painful death... well look at all the non-pot smokers.. they live till theyre 74, die from cancer, aids, ciggerate smokin, car accident, sum fuckin painful shit huh? im not sayin drug overdosing is the best way 2 die cuz shit dying is dying its guna say either way but hell they all die old n i always hear the good die young.. and i duno it just kinda freaks me out the things i think of.. i always think about it when im fucked up but it just makes so much sense to me and if your not high right now and you think im crazy try blazing and comin back and reading this... youll understand, all my friends do. but im kinda sketchy bout that so sum1 just let me know if that makes sense and sorry if i didnt explain it that good.
  2. I don't think that people who don't smoke pot are stuck-up; that's just how they choose to live their lives. I don't think it's right to criticize them just because they make a different choice than we do. Sure, there are some people who make bad comments about "stoners", but we're no better when we make comments about them being "stuck-up". I agree that it's important to be happy in life, but many people are happy without marijuana. They just choose to live their lives in a different way, which is good! If we all lived the same, we'd all probably end up wanting to blow our brains out because we'd be so bored!

    I think everyone in the entire world has troubles, whether they be with work, love, etc. That's just the nature of life! Some people deal with those troubles better than others, and that's cool. I just don't think we should judge everyone else negatively just because they don't think the same way we do!

  3. happiness is key, but it cant be in a selfish manor.

    if your happiness can make other people happy too, either directly or otherwise, then THAT is the good life. if one can get to that point, there isnt much further they can go. except maybe the moon? thats pretty far.
  4. Not to sound like a jackass contridicting (contradicting...I dunno) you who said not to be selfish. Personally I think YOUR life is about is YOURs isnt it? :D

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