My Theory Of BlackHoles And Big Bang

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  1. I think that if we had the big bang, then all the planets are flying out into space at very high speeds.

    Black holes, people seem to think their some time portal that can reverse/eliminate time etc. Well their pretty basic and simple in my mind. To me, it makes sense to believe that a black hole is just a sphere of matter. Imagine squeezing the earth into the size of a pinhead, it would have the same gravity as the earth has but it would be so small because all the atoms were pressed together so hard that it became that small. That's what a black hole is, it's a bunch of stars and planets all compressed to their smallest size possible, still containing all that gravity. Light can enter a black hole, but can't escape it because the gravity is pulling it in too hard, which is why we can't see them. They aren't invisible, it's just that light isn't fast enough to escape it's gravitational pull.

    Now if you add those "pinhead" planets together with stars, all of that adds up. In the center of our galaxy there is a black hole, that's slowly turning all the stars and planets all around it in a "toilet flush" motion. One day, and this being trillions of years, all of the planets in OUR galaxy will reach that black hole and be compressed so small and added onto the sphere. It's like adding a piece of gum to a larger ball of gum. The more planets this black hole compresses into smaller "pinheads" the more gravitational pull it gets, therefor it gets stronger and stronger. So when our galaxy has been all compressed into this 1 sphere of all the matter that was once apart, they will be all together again.

    Back track for 1 second, lets go over HOW a black hole is created ! Of course no one knows the exact answer, but these theories make quite a lot of sense.

    Firstly, if a star becomes hot enough it turns into a sun. As the sun ages, only the huge suns become bigger and bigger until a supernova happens. They explode after a few billion years, then all of their gravitational pull goes straight to the center of them, thus pulling all of that fire and matter inside to then create 1 very compressed sphere of all that stuff in their smallest size possible. It compresses the entire star into a "pinhead" (maybe smaller, this is just an example) but it still has all that gravity. It moves closer to other planets, pulling them closer to it with it's gravitational pull, making them super small and adding their gravity onto itself until it grabs up all the planets.

    Back to the theory, since there are millions and millions of galaxies out there, it would take quite a long time for all these black holes to pull in all these planets/stars and acquire all their gravity and compress them into the smallest form possible to be added to it's larger sphere in the middle. Once that has all happened, these black holes will start to merge into one another because they would be so powerful. Once a black hole adds onto another one, it just creates a larger "sphere" with an even larger gravitational pull until one day all the black holes will soon come together. All of the planets and stars in the universe will be in their smallest form possible, and they will all conjoin again because they all pull towards each other.

    Therefor creating the big bang, once again. And it will happen over, and over, and over.


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  2. Thank you, Steven Hawking.
  3. thats a really interesting theory.

    and it makes sense lol.

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