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  1. I found these text files and images on my computer. It seems I was SUPER stoned one night and though I'd take on the challenge of the universe:
    The theory

    Universalism (I just found out that's already a religion..)
    -This is somewhat of a religion mixed with a philosophy.

    -The Creation of the Universe-
    Firstly, I would like to go over some well known religions such as Christianity, Islamic, and Judaism. These 3 religions have something in common: 1 god, that came from nothing. We now this is impossible and is EASILY disproved with scientific research of Spontaneous Generation. ( So, something CANNOT come from nothing. Simple science. So now, to start with Universalism:
    -The [our] Universe was not ever created. It never "started". Because like I have said, something cannot come from something. So, what I have developed is that the Universe was always in existence, therefore, infinite in time (not distance). The universe never had a starting point, and nor will never end.

    -The Universe-
    In the theory, the universe is somewhat shaped like this. The yellow dots are galaxies. The red point is the starting/ending point. This is where the universe is expanding and shrinking to and from (big bang). Once the universe expands until it cannot expand any farther, it will [most likely] shrink into one point in matter. The white space you see is what we call the "no-sense" zone. It is basically, in the human conception, "nothing". We have 2 theories on what would happen if a human was placed in "nothing". 1) Would die instantly, 2) Would be unable to use any of the 5 senses, therefor just "thought" exists.

    Not much is known about the multiverse... All the round black circles around the large circle with the red is universes. These universes orbit around a "high power" (red/black circle). Here, most likely, all the thoughts and minds of humans/aliens that ever existed are stored here. Maybe a higher power itself, or just a natural commanding quarter. These universes orbit around the main "universe". That's really all there is, little scientific evidence exists past this part.


    (I'm also working on some world/political views for this "religion" as well... such as:
    -Your actions should never harm others, just yourself
    -Pro-Choice. As long as others are not harmed, do whatever.
    -Something is not living until it breaths
    -respect other's beliefs, but debate when necessary
    Lol.. I love weed.
  2. that could be possible, but will we ever really know
  3. Good thoughts, brother. Your theories make pretty good sense. I like to play around with the multiverse concept ^_^
  4. its all theory, and can never be proven, at least not for thousands of years
  5. So why could the universe always have existed but god couldn't have always existed? I dont believe in religion but I do believe in some sort of god or higher power. I've done a lot of reading on this subject and it has been proved that there was a creation. The cosmic microwave background radiation is the echo of the big bang. If there was a creation, there must be a creator. While it may not be the all powerful god of Christians, Muslims, Jews, or whatever, theres gotta be some kind of force that put all this together. And the law of conservation of mass only applies to our 4 dimensional universe (space and time). God is outside the laws of space and time, thus laws of science don't apply to what god could do, thus creation is very possible. I'll end with one of my favorite quotes on the subject: with enough time, the impossible becomes possible, the possible probable, and the probable certain.
  6. a good buddy of mine had me watch this, and it honestly changed my life.. i feel soo different having seen the movie. its wierd

    the first part addresses religion and your theory.. and shows that all religions point back to astrology and the zodiac.

    the back half is about the Iraq war, 9/11 conspriacy, and how the Bush Administration are Nazi's aka with the Patriot Act, The tracking chips that are in the new passports, and the chips they plan on putting in every infant born and requiring all people to carry a govt issued card with a gps chip in int.
  7. Thank you guys, and I'll check out that movie.
    And yeshli2nuts, a thought of what you said about a god living in infinite.. I'll get back to that :p
  8. Didn't someone theorize something similar to this? I've heard something like this from somewhere before.
  9. exactly...some people miss that point entirely.
  10. Agreed, but something cannot come from something, because the "higher power" never had it's powers before it existed to create itself..
  11. Christianity stole my idea!
    Now I must think up somehow to disprove God..
  12. Thought I'd mention that just because science says nothing can be created out of nothing does not mean it never happened before. Many theories of god are that it is the one independent being that started the chain of dependent beings in the universe.

    For instance, if you tell me that theory is false because God can't create himself, than you tell me when the creation did start. Something had to be there to create creation, and that would lead you to believe that there is indeed an independent being.

    I don't necessarily believe in 'god' but your scientific arguments on this matter get thrown out of the window because science can't explain the beginning of time either.
  13. And in the philosophy I believe that science cannot explain everything, but sure does prove something.
    Oh and, to disprove a higher power, let me give you this question: Can "God" create a rock or tree too heavy for God to lift?
    Yes? Then it is not all powerful
    No? Then it is not all powerful
    As well as this:

    If something is infinite...

    It cannot create: It would already have everything. To create something would mean it's not infinite after all.

    It cannot think: It already as the knowledge of everything all at once.

    It cannot judge: (basically it's the same as thinking, but more focused on what christians believe about heaven and hell)

    If something is infinite, it would be omnipotent by default. It would know all things. It would know your entire life story before anything even existed so obviously before you were even born. An infinite being would know whether would would commit genocide before you did it or whether you would deduce there is no god and be an atheist. You might say "but god gave us freewill," but what would that matter? Just because you are the one making choices doesn't mean he didn't know your fate before you were born. In an infinite beings eye's he knew all your choices you would ever make and you would be therefore predestined a heaven or hell in the view of the being which would make the whole idea of a "test" silly indeed.

    Therefore, we can see that the idea that humans have of some deity that created us is quite silly indeed because something that is infinite cannot create because it already has. We needn't even go into individual religions because the idea is false from the starting point.

  14. This is easy.

    watch that link I gave that other guy, it covers this in the first part of the movie. How Christainity is just a rip-off of the original Epyptian religion and the zodiac and astrology. And how every religion centers around the Sun god. which is what jesus represents. Jesus is just a representation of the Sun god Horus. We are in the age of the pieces, and will be entering the age of aquarius in 2150.

    I was a practicing catholic before I saw this video.. needless to say its completely changed my view of life.
  15. Everything you said can only apply to our 4 dimensional universe. God is outside the space and time. You can't think about where god is because you can only think in terms of the universe we live in. If you can't even think about it, so much more you wouldnt be able to write/say it. Therefor all the points in your post are void. Can god create a rock he cant lift? There is no answer to that question because its a simple paradox. Paradox's exist in our finite world, they don't exist in the infinite realm where this god exists. In our world, god has limitations because we are in a finite world. How about this question, if god can do whatever he wills, can god ever "demote" himself and not be god? The answer is no, in our world, god is always god.
  16. Okay, watching it.
  17. Awesome, please tell me how you feel about it when done.

    honestly, the movie was almost tooo much for me to handle, I really want other peoples' opinion on the film.
  18. I've watched it to 20 minutes and still watching.
    I'm amazed. This has basically disproved Christianity, and I have no doubt in my mind that the religion is false... Only I wish I could show all the Christians this...
  19. Yeah, the religion stuff is kinda dry, but i found it very interesting.

    the next 2 parts are the best IMO. covers the 9/11 conspiracy and then how Bush/ Cheney is taking us to hell.

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