My Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'General' started by The Red Baron, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. I went to my Aunts house i am 18 years old. i had 5 glasses of "wehite" whine i am very drunk, i mde a lot a conversation, i went to my aunts ahouse and talked abiut life and death with my siblings and such..i came home an dinvivted my best friend to come eat a pumpkin pie i broughtm we ate half the ni later threw half in the ocean, literally. i am here, i am very drubks, i smokewd a lil biy, i ..hapy tahnks giviing i joie goodnight

    ps. i think there are aliens living inside the earth.. iam so too tired to get up n tell my brothher..we nee to cyt down on gass imissions an raise the love and hpppines lvl
  2. Fuck yeah.
  3. LOL thats golden
  4. thank you all thank you i knew you would understand, also tyomortrow i will begin my joiurneym i will finish my books, at least one ,publish it and make a somethign god bless
  5. Amen.
  6. I agree 100%
  7. I love it when people who don't normally drink wine get wasted on it.

    Godspeed, OP.
  8. Fuck pumpkin pie I'd through it all in the ocean. Those things are for carving and throwing at people and that's it.

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