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my thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by applepie28, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. hey gc

    i started this evening thinking i would do only what i thought was aceptable. then i got high and drunk. everything has been good. check back tomorrow for my feeling then. right now they're too impaired
  2. Sounds like you're having a good day. I've been sober since last week, but my day was still very chill. I sat around and ate food all day. Have a good night man.
  3. hell yeah glad you had a good thaks giving too.

    why the sobriety chris?
  4. I packed a cig with some JWH and smoked it right before I ate. Man was I fucked up.
  5. Since my parents are divorced, I decided I would visit my dad for Thanksgiving. Well we went snowboarding at Baker a few times, which is really close to his house. Neither of my parents approve of smoking, so I figured I wouldn't bring any Bud with me. It is a nice little week long break anyways.

    I'm stoked to get back though :).
  6. howd your choice of drugs go applepie?

    my thanksgiving wasnt too bad, but not nearly as epic as last years. i slept til about 2pm, had some breakfast then thanksgiving dinner about 2 hours later. then just chilled and avoided my family (dont get along with my family). i did buy another djembe tonight though so i am so excited to get that, and then i got drunk on tequila.
  7. well, i took 2 oxys and that made the bottle and a half of wine i drank a bit to much

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