My Terrible Day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by --jamminout--, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Well i had the scariest day of my life while i was at college today.

    It started as a regular day, i awoke at 1:30pm to and clowned around for a few hours.

    After a few hours my friend and i realized that our other friend was out of campus for the night. We go to his room, put in his door key code, and take his xbox to my dorm. We set it up play one game of halo and pack it up and put it away.

    A few hours passs and i get a text from the kid that owns the Xbox, he says hes really angry we took it and wants it back asap. I said all right and that i would give it to him tomorrow. At this time i tell him its a joke and its in perfect condition and that were sorry.

    Its about 8:30pm and the kid is all ready drunk with his dad who is really really angry.

    In the end, his dad is going to call campus security and the police tomorrow to get me charged with breaking and entering, and stealing. Im also gonna get removed from campus most likely.

    BTW: The Xbox has been returned with all the peices and is packaged away in the original owners house all ready.

    BTWW Only i am getting charges as my friend who took it wiht me isn't on our third friends shit list.

    So what im asking is do u think my friend overreacted?
  2. hes a fuckin pussy...i mean i can understand if he thought you guys were tryna jack him or whatever or if you arent a close friend of him..but still...he told his dad and campus police? good luck.
  3. im gonna bump this thread up to get a little more action into

    i have an update:

    The Xbox is back safe and sound into the kids room but i just got a text from him that says to meet him and his dad infront of the hall at 3:30 other wise hes calling the cops on us.

    Since he has the xbox back and the matter legally is closed.(all we have left is to shout at each other) should i go meet him with my friend? i personally don't think i need to because its over he has his xbox back i just wan2 move on with my life
  4. UPDATE:

    Were not gonna have the cops called on us but hes gonna yell at us and tell our parents...

    were 18..........not 7
  5. eh, too much drama over a game system.

    It's back in place, you're all good. I'd meet up with them, but just be prepared to listen to them yell. Cause that's really all they have left to do.

    Even if they get the cops involved at this point there really isn't much proof that you did a thing, so don't stress. I'd say best to meet up with them though and let them get whatever BS off their chest that they feel like they must and be done with it.

  6. thats what im thinking its just really funny that an 18 year old would freak out over an xbox.

    the only thing i care about that much is my saxophone and my bong....
  7. I'm 32 and if someone just snatch my 360 from my house/dorm/apt I'd beat there ass!

  8. yeah but u also smoke weed and hang out with people right?

    this kid just sits around, drinks, and plays the 360
  9. Fully man.
  10. i still think its a complete over reaction on his part.

  11. Agreed. I wouldn't call my dad though rofl.

  12. thats what i said lol

    he tried to say the same thing if he took my laptop. i was like i would be pissed but i wouldn't call my dad

  13. what?

    So it IS important to him then. You're a dick for taking it, it doesn't matter that you gave it back,you don't take people's shit whenever you feel like it.
  14. dude this kid in highschool used to leave his house unlocked, and while he was at work wed go over to his house, play his xbox, smoke outta his bong, and then leave after like 4 hours.. no one ever knew i was like ha wtf

  15. ...... hes in college and calls his parents to come solve his problems:rolleyes:... both him and his dad are fairies
  16. he sounds like a major pussy, you should tell his dad that all he does is sit around getting drunk and playing xbox.

    he obviously isnt your friend, next time he wants to hang out id tell him to go fuck himself.
  17. Sounds like he's the one who can't handle his booze.

    Good luck to you, OP. The guy sounds dense.

  18. thanks everyone!

    i think its over

    I just got back from his dorm.

    The kid was like dont touch my shit ever again and i was like fine dude im not gonna hang with u anymore. I don't like drinking(his dad doesn't know he drinks), and playing halo anyway.

    Then i turned to his dad and was like you can call my parents if you want but it doesn't really make a difference to me. I'm out of my house living on my own in college.

    Then i looked at my watch and i was like its 3:25, im gonna go get hammered i have class tomorrow. Then i asked my friend if he wanted to go and he said Word. So we peaced out and left both the kid and his dad staring at each other

    Now i gotta console with MJ
  19. Agreed.
  20. haha i cant stand the way people send angry text messages or anything they want you to take seriously through a text.

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