My Tattoo in progress

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    What ya think?


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  2. looks good man i love the windmill things
    any ideas what else you're going to do?
  3. They look pretty sweet man. Especially if you really like it.

    If you do, keep adding!
  4. Thanks :bongin:

    I want to fill in my wole back with imaginary art I have it all drawn out.. Ill post a pic when I go work on it more next week
  5. So you drew all of it? That's tight
  6. Very original, good stuff.
  7. Looks sick dude, post updates!
  8. I have trouble drawing stick figures, theres no way I could do this lol.

    But.. Its from a good friend and def. one of my favorite artists on earth Thomas Erak

    He plays vox and guitar in a band called the fall of troy and the tattoo in our opinion is like viewing music through literal art instead of "music"

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Fall Of Troy - What Sound Does A Mastodon Make?[/ame]

    "Thread the needle sew your Fuckin mouth shut talk now,
    Manipulator we jammed your radar,
    Introduction to perversion you make me sick."

    The tattoo reminds me of childhood.. I kinda had/have the same hair as the windmill kids (which Represents childhood relationships and how you always end up thinking your the same and life just blows by you.. Im sure you all have had something like that when you were kids so ya you get the point.)


    Thanks for checking out my tattoo.. I'll post an update next week

    Stay up guys :wave:

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