My Tallest Plant Bent Over Please Help....

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  1. went to check on my plants to find my tallest plant bent ovet at the main stem under it's own weight,the main stem bent and creased as seen in the first picture,I tied it up with a string,will it be okay or is the dammage from the crease permanant??????
    I posted this in the hydro section as well but figured it would be better to post here!!!!!
    043.JPG 044.JPG 045.JPG 046.JPG

  2. its fine..its just gonna form a knuckle where the bend is,its the same as supercropping
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    Thanks,I was having a heart attack over here,thats one of my best plants,do you think the main stem will get stunted as far as growth for a little while or will it keep growing???or then again should I leave it bent over some as it was about to go into my lights????
  4. She'll bounce back. I've had stalks like that completely snap on me but bandaged them up with tape and they grew a "knuckle" like bigc said. When the wound healed, it kept growing but at a different angle, which actually helped increase production due to more light availability. Best of luck :smoke:
  5. OKAY great,they went to bed about an hour ago,so in the morning I am going to untie it and tie it at about a 45 degree angle so I can lower my lights a little....thanks so much!!!!
  6. No worries man, just keep on growin :hippie:

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