My Take on Datura as an Entheogen

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  1. This ridiculously potent drug has a bad rap today, and with good reason: most of its users find themselves in mortal peril, literally. Yet this Devil's Weed has been used traditionally in various cultures as a shamanic entheogen for hundreds of years. What gives?

    What does datura do? It is a true deliriant. It shatters reality, literally. You see things and people, do things, have conversations that seem 110% real. There is no evidence of truly

    The essence of all ancient spiritual teachings, of Zen, of the Buddha is 'Mu'. A state of nothingness, a state that allows for complete and utter inner peace regardless of the physical realities encountered. The Buddha said, 'No mind, no problem'.

    A quick narrative. A buddhist monk was long in search of enlightenment. He had travelled far and wide, meditated intensely for years and years, but still had not achieved enlightenment. One day he passed a butcher's shop while walking through a village. He overheard the following conversation between a customer and the butcher,

    Customer: Give me your best piece of lamb
    Butcher: All my pieces are my best pieces

    Upon hearing this, the monk achieved moksha.

    Use of datura can allow for a very significant and perhaps the ultimate leap in transcendence towards enlightenment. If you can see all your pieces as the best pieces, despite the insanity you see around you that, to you, is 100% real, and be completely still and at peace and silent through a datura trip, you have achieved the state of peace that is completely internal and cannot be influenced by the outside world - Moksha
  2. I have an extreme spiritual interest in this magnificant lady Datura. But I know it is also very physically dangerous and I'm not sure exactly how I would go about safely ingesting it while still maintaining a decent and complete Datura experience. I'm not afraid of this plant, but I do respect it in all it's grace. I know it will flower soon and perhaps I will try ingesting 3-4 petals or so.
  3. BWG, I have no clue why you are still so interested in taking Datura and im not going to talk you out of something you want to do. All im going to say is good luck to you and make sure you have someone mature and responsible watching over your actions at all times.
  4. Well, I've looked into it loads and feel I have the right mind set to take on whatever lady Datura brings. I have a new insight from the post about the buddhist and would be more then happy to achieve Moksha myself.
  5. Might wanna practice controlling your inner state in everyday situations first..for years :)
  6. i tried that garbage once, was 20 times worse then a bad shroom trip. no fun whatsoever. moksha my ass, you gonna be wishin you didn't take that shit.
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    datura wont give you a feeling of inner peace and understanding like other hallucinogens do

    shamans/witches use datura to communicate with the dead and other entities such as the gods, but if you dont have a true devotion to shamanism and a belief in gods and spirits then your just gonna have a really shitty experience. if your looking for a shamanic feeling of inner peace and u nderstanding i advice you do ayahuasca, its actually enjoyable and also will allow you to communicate with entities of another dimension

    but you guys just arent gonna fucking listen until you try it and you have the worst experience of your life, or you wakeup in a hospital or dead... so whatever, wtf do we know? erowid tells you a couple people had a good experience, so of course u'll have fun right

    and i know your not doin it to be like a shaman, your doin it to hallucinate cuz you think it'll be like a crazy acid trip, but your dead fucking wrong

  8. First of all, I feel like it is part of the eightfold path in buddhism not to use drugs or alcohol, so that story is kinda wierd.

    Datura is pretty strange man. I ate some out of Utah after I arrived back home, and watched myself be sliced by a razor wielded by my brother. It's real fucked up man, like a dream, the realities intermingle.

    Do some DMT or something along those lines if you want spirtual enlightenment.
  9. Did you read the post? There is an approach to the trip experience that is necessary, there is a history and proficiency in this spiritual practice that is needed.
  10. well ive done datura and instead of having a shamatic trip like you said I HAD A PROFOUNDLY UNPLEASENT EXPERENCE. oh no but dont take my word for it. try it and youll know exactly what iam talking about. i took it cause some kid told me it was like shrooms. that dumb motherfucker :mad:
  11. The hell is up with the people in this thread? Do you guys not READ anymore? You don't have a shamanic trip just by ingesting the fucking substance, you have to approach the trip in a certain way and have years..decades possibly depending on the person, of spiritual practice of the aforementioned sort (zen).
  12. fuck that i dont wanna be no shamman bitch...i wanna trip fuck tha ritual im just eat that shit up.
  13. I take drugs to feel good. Not to feel like shit and make an ass of myself not to mention possibly cause irreversible damage to my body/mind
  14. You're really quite the talker aren't you. You're sooo full of yourself and completely self-righteous. How do you know what my intentions are? Do you know me? Do you know what kind of feelings I've had or what my true intentions are or what experiences I've had? No, you don't. You're just some stuck up asswipe trolling a thread just to get off on the whole holier than thou shit.
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    sorry man i wasnt talkin to you directly, it was directed at all the people that go "i heard this datura shit will make you trip balls"... in your other thread you showed no interest in shamanism (at least i think u posted it), but the majority of people dont fuck with it for a profound experience, they just wanna see crazy shit

    and if you've done it then you know datura doesnt give you a profound experience like acid or mushrooms do, those type of hallucinogens give it to you regardless of intention, but datura will just fuck up your body and make you delerious if you arent heavily advanced in spirituality, you cant just go into it wanting transcendence, its not enough, it'll take over your mind real quick, cuz you wont even know that its started to take effect, you might think it never took effect really

    edit: haha, and YOU dont know who I TRULY am either :cool:

    edit 2: example
  16. Sorry I sounded like a dick though. I know we don't really know each other. And it does piss me off that people take shit just to 'trip balls', however that's not what I was aiming for whatsoever. I really have no access at this point to things like shroomage and acid so really it's an impossibility for me to have a profound spiritual experience with such.
  17. Yeah man you dont want to wake up dead. Do what you want man just be careful just cuz someone had a shitty experience doesnt mean you will. But I do recommend an ayahuasca brew like someone else suggested.
  18. I really have wanted an ayahuasca brew, but I'm not sure exactly how to make one myself. So yeah.. =/
  19. Transcendental meditation, try it. :smoking:

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