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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Two-One, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I've made them for for years. I stopped though in the last couple of years and didn't make any.

    I've recently stared to make them again, here are some of my recent ones.




    Comments appreciated.
  2. I really like that Halo one man.
  3. Thanks for the comment man.
  4. I'm surprised you're not getting any love, these are pretty good.
  5. Nice work man, Im diggin the first one a lot.
  6. These are friggen good man. You got some skills for sure!
  7. that's some top notch work right there fella, keep em coming
  8. [quote name='"Two-One"'][/quote]

    Bo$$ like a king!!!
  9. Sick as fuck dude. I really like your current sig :smoke:
  10. all of those are pretty sick
  11. The Halo one looks awsome
  12. Are these up for grabs? I wouldn't mind having the code for the halo one. ;)
  13. Sub'd. Nicest sigs I've ever seen.

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