my sweet invention

Discussion in 'General' started by sensecide, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. what if you could sit back in your la-z boy, recline, roam grasscity, smoke a bowl, all while shitting. i did not engineer or mastermind this prototype, obviously my man big black came up wit it first.. 


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  2. been doing this for years mon
  3. Why would I want to be shitting?
  4. Nothing goes in my mouth while shits comming out my ass. And no one should be spending more than 30/60 seconds on the toilet.

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  5. No more than a minute on the shitter??
    Bro I suspect you don't own one of these:
    You can't stop at just one random fact :hello:
  6. ^haha i fuckin love those things.
    maybe i should include one free with purchase?
  7. Haha hey big guys need proper equipment right? Honestly i have a shy bladder and i could not take a shit with the chance that someone is watching or listening in.
  8. ill specially build yours like a don's jon, just send me the blueprints. you want a martini mixer and foot tub i'll include that too.
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    Noo i enjoy going to the bathroom. I like to browse GC and all, so i usually take a while

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  10. haha, very creative.

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