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My Sweat Smells Like Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by huzi, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Like seriously. I'm at a [0] right now and my brother walks past and says 'fuck man, you stink of weed'. I then went and smelt my armpits and they smell like some kind of dank - not the actual dank but kind of like the smell it leaves behind when you open up a baggie in your room or something like that. I even asked my sister to smell me and tell me what I smell like and she said I smell like weed too.
    I don't recall rubbing my weed on my armpits... so why do you think this is happening? this doesn't seem normal - maybe its the chemicals that make weed smell like it does leaking out through my sweat? Or maybe its the THC that's been stored in my fat cells for the four years I've been smoking being released...?
    Also I'm currently on a low carb diet - that may have something to do with why my armpits smell like dank because they (low carb diets / body state of ketosis) apparently change the smell of your sweat and the taste of your saliva. I haven't been exercising lately, but haven't had a bath for 2 days.
    Does this happen to any of you guys too?
    Btw - the last time I smoked was about 12 hours ago, and I've changed my clothes since then. It's definitely
    my sweat that smells.

  2. Try showering.... Just saying. Lol

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  3. I second this suggestion! Thread of the week haha !
    Stank ass

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  4. Fuck that, I kind of enjoy smelling like dank 24/7. meh
  5. No I think it's stank. Not dank your nasal passages are so used to the smell you misinterpret it as skunky. Damp and musty maybe but dank naaah

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  6. have a wash every couple of weeks you dirty bastard lolo
  7. tis dank, tis not stank. normally my sweat smells smelly... but right now people are actually saying my sweat smells like weed - so it can't just be me.
    b...but i have a wash twice a week !
  8. That's absolutely disgusting.

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    Hey stinky pete, I shower twice a fuckin' day. 
    2 a week,,,, absolutely disgusting.
  10. ^ that's quite rude. 2 showers a week is far healthier than 2 a day, that's rather excessive by any standard.
    idk though OP -- be happy it smells of dank instead of stank
  11. this thread is making me feel sick
  12. That's a waste of water...
  13. Naw dude I smell like that too. I also shower twice a day. I'm a laborer and I sweat more than most people naturally and because I am a laborer. You're not the only one 
  14. It's called deodorant you should try it.
  15. I probably average 2.5 showers a day..
  16. I wouldn't mind my sweat smelling like Kush..
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    Excretion of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in sweat      (full - 2008)
    And yes, there is a test for that....
    The Current Status of Sweat Testing for Drugs of Abuse: A review.     (abst – 2012)  
    FYI, if you worry about your sweat tipping off your boss or something, look for fenugreek tea (health food store has it). It will give your sweat a maple syrup-like scent if you drink 2 cups of it a day for about 3 days. It tastes like an unsweet maple syrup, so with a little sweetening, it is quite pleasant! Fenugreek also happens to be very good for you. It help the liver handle aluminum poisoning better and boosts male sex drive.
    Fenugreek seeds, a hepatoprotector forage crop against chronic AlCl(3) toxicity
    Physiological Aspects of Male Libido Enhanced by Standardized Trigonella foenum-graecum Extract and Mineral Formulation.
  18. Well...that escalated quickly
  19. Wow, thanks man! I might switch from coffee to that fenugreek tea for a while.
  20. Sometimes i recycle the smoke by farting it out and then inhaling it all over again

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