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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GrassCharles, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. A picture of my baby .. its 7 weeks old... how does it look??

    is't a superscunk plant..

    And a question ... when do i change the fertilizer type from veg to flower ??

    As soon as i switch to 12/12 or as soon as i am able to determin it's sex??

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  2. hey great looking plant :) i think some people switch ferts when they see the first sign of flowers. i myself, fert when i first went 12/12, and im going to fert again at the 2 week mark.
  3. man 7 weeks? What kinds of lights and watts are you pumping? That fucker is awesome look'n!!
  4. Thanks guys.. :)

    First of all this plant is raised in greece ... greece has a nice warm climate with low humidity and lots of sun.
    so my plant spend a few days under the greek sun.

    Most of its time though i use a 250 HPS orsram NAV4 T.
    (the same as philips son t plus.

    Also for fertilizer i bough from ttp://
    the two canna series fertilizers.. canna vega and canna flores.

    it;s liquid and i disolve at a 1:200 ratio twice a week.

    thats all.. I hope its a female though.. i will know next week...

    cross your fingers :)

    by the way do u think if it's fem, that it will be a good production?

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