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My super stealthy smoking indoors method haha

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by peace-love-herb, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So this way is for super paraniod people or in a place you have to be very secretive about smoking

    its never let me down

    First of all run a bath or turn the shower on and block the bottom of your bathroom door with a towel, then as the waters running to cover up sounds open a window in the bathroom and smoke out of the window, run the over head fan to suck smells out to if your bathroom has one stash your peice some were eat a bit of soming thing to cover your breath or mouth wash etc and then take your bath!

    This works the best if you take a shower or bath every evening like me
  2. I use one of those sploofs or whatever the fuck they're called and they work better than trying to blow smoke out the window.
  3. Isn't this like the first thing you think of when you want to smoke in your mom's house?
  4. for real. this is the thing i first thought of when i started smoking around the age of 12 or 13 or somethin.
  5. i just put a exhaust fan in my window andmy room never smells
  6. I smoke bowls in my bedroom and just blow the smoke into something like a balled up towel or something. Then I spray the shit out of my room with Air Wick. It doesn't work very well but my parents can suck my balls. I work with my guy at one job and his girlfriend at the other(I have 2 jobs) and they can't stop me from going to work so they can't stop me from buying.
  7. just get febreeze you bums :)
  8. I cover it up with freebase
  9. works everytime
  10. but some peoples parents get jii like suspect when you room is danked out with febreeze

  11. This.
  12. Ozium works the best to cover up smells
  13. I light some Nag Champa incense (the best incense, in my opinion), smoke, and blow it out my sploof. When I'm all done I usually spray some Simply Basic Vanilla Raspberry body mist by my door, this pretty much eliminates any odor at all.
  14. Shit I haven't even done that yet! Don't be hatin on the man he's just trying to help.

    I gotta try that sometime. High showers are so legit. High hottubs are even better.:yay:

    But on the real, good method. Add in a blower and you'll be golden!
  15. Yeah I do this all the time. Best way to smoke when your parents are in the house. Hell I do it even when they're not :p And I don't trust the spoof by itself, but sometimes I'll do that and blow it out the window, just to be safe. I find though that if you only open the window a crack and blow really hard, most of the smoke will not come back in. If you're a pansy about it though and you poof it out gently, the smoke will float back in through the window in it's entirety.

    Also, strongly scented bubble baths, were a miracle invention. ;D

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