My Super Skunk and Blue Cheese grow

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    Hey GC!

    Just got my seeds in from Attitude and they are already germinating! I went with Big Buddah feminized Blue Cheese and G13 Labs Super Skunk. This will be my 2nd grow even though my 1st grow hasn't even sexed yet. Any suggestions or pointers will be taken happily b/c I need all the help I can get. below is the list of materials I plan on starting with, if you have anything to add, don't be shy! :wave:


    Hoffamns organic soil
    6 26w CFL 6500k bulbs for veg
    400w HPS Sun System 2 for flower
    Floralicious Plus
    Kool Bloom Dry Powder

    as i said before, any suggestions would be great. hopefully these germ quick and i can get them in some dirt.

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    blue cheese is already done germinating and is sitting in a 6" pot with Hoffmans organic soil. watered it just enough to be damp, should I put a plastic bag over it? light isn't very important in this stage, correct?
  3. I like blue cheese, grown a few of them myself. Are you going to show pics when they get a little bigger? Anyway good luck with both your grows.
  4. of course. i just don't want to waste peoples time with pictures of dirt. lol once she sprouts i'll have plenty shots of her. thanks for the support.
  5. That's cool, or else people would have to actually read a journal. Was just wondering what your first grow is?
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    blue cheese has sprouted!!!!! she doesn't waste any time, does she? :)


  7. Ya the blue cheese is a very healthy plant. I over watered, under watered, over fed, anything you could do wrong i did to this plant and it came through like a champ. Just wait till the smell start's to kick in.
  8. [​IMG]

    not quite sure if i want to do the 12/12 or the 24/0 light cycle. does anyone have some input?
  9. bump

    all 3 Skunks sprouted today, i'll have pics up later.
  10. [​IMG]

    close up of the blue cheese

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    Lookin healthy so far, are you gonna keep them short or transplant to bigger pots? I'll try to offer any advice I can, good luck! Also I forgot to add, mylar is pretty cheap and might help take advantage of the space your working with, every little bit helps :)
  12. thanks for the compliment. i'm in the middle of trying to build a grow box, but it's been raining constantly. this is just a temporary home, and i have more lights on the way.. i just had to move these out of my light room so i could put my diesel plant on the 12/12.
  13. blue cheese is looking good so far. it's been 1 week since seed.

  14. Blue Cheese


    Super Skunks


  15. Your kids look healthy, keep up the good work. Are those sipper cups?
  16. rofl. yeah, i didn't have any party cups.
  17. Ooo, hell yeah. I'm excited to see these plants grow.

    Looks like it's going pretty good so far.
  18. Yeah at first i thought they might have been some super high tech seedling pots. I have been smoking way too much lately:smoking:

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