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My Super Silver Haze Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by FallenForever, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Hey Folks !
    Good times is here :hello:

    I am happy to say my first week of my 10th grow is now officially underway !

    growing 2 super silver haze with 2 x 250w cfl.

    these are the last two of my seed packet which i ordered from holland.

    they are feminized. But for some reason one looks more indica then the sativa

    which is what ssh is. tell me what you think.

    They are now 1 week old and the growth is just insane !

    using a special enriched soil that I made. (basic high nitrogen organic soil ) with added nitrogen nutes, and biodegradable plant matter. The soil ph was tested at 6.9 its good.

    Here are some pics from the starting first day to the most recent which was taken yesterday.
    I am going to be lst'ing my plant on monday as they will have there full five sets of leaves, which is best due to root strength so the plant doesnt snap.

    Enjoy the pics!, and comments would be greatly appreciated. If you have any tips please,please let me know, thanks again and good grow ! :wave:

    Day 1: After 1 day sprouting

    ssh - [​IMG]

    ssh - ( suspected dif strain) [​IMG]

    Day 3: Darkening and healthy, SUCCESS !

    ssh - [​IMG]

    ssh - (suspected dif strain ) [​IMG]

    Day 4: They're starting to gain strength

    ssh - [​IMG]

    ssh - ( suspected dif strain ) [​IMG]

    Day 6: Now they are booming

    ssh - [​IMG]

    ssh - ( suspected dif strain ) [​IMG]

    Day 7: My girl's one week mark

    ssh - [​IMG]

    ssh - ( suspected dif strain ) [​IMG]

    The reason i feel that the one is different is because the growth rate is very rapid, and the leaves are more indica looking then the sativa of a ssh.
    But the 5 leaves look the same. Let me know what you guys think and how I am doing :D

    Much love
  2. little too early for strain identification , i would say.

    The faster growing one might turn out to be male....but thats your luck.

  3. they are all feminized seeds
    the pack of 10 came and these are the last two.
    all the other 8 were females. and one did this as well from 2 grows ago.
    it tasted like ak-47 or northern lights. But just because they are feminized it still could pull a male. But it hasnt in the 0ther 8.

    Thanks for the comment man !

    CHEERS !
  4. any updates? i am also growing some super silver haze, and would like to see how your is turning out!
  5. hey all

    Great things have happened !

    one of my little plants died out, I dont know why
    but it has now been almost 4 weeks and its looking amazing !

    hope you all enjoy !
    it has been lsted and I am going for 2 more weeks and then switching to 12/12

    ENJOY !





    shes doing realls well
    if it was to be just straight up it would be about 2 1/2 feet but its coiled around for lst :)

    cheers !
  6. that's why I will never buy femized seeds ever again. not only did I get males but I got hermies!!

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