My Super bud autoflower:

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  1. I just germinated 3 Super bud autoflower seeds they looked strong for the first 12 hours, however the pilot leaves are starting to curl down. What should I expect?

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  2. you should try to do nothing. The hardest thing for a new grower is to do nothing...

    don't overwater - don't feed nutrients - just enjoy the new hobby from a distance.
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  3. There is a saying.....LITFA...... leave it the fuck alone.
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  4. Thank you, sometimes we, as humans have no patience and I think that's exactly what we need to have after all I am human ( I think, lol ). So you think my little girl's will make it through? My story is simple, I'm dieing no joke, I'm dieing and this medicine is all I have. I live in Idaho and I need to drive 650 miles round trip to get my medicine. I don't want to get popped by the conservative ass cops in this beautiful state, surrounded a bunch of ass hole politicians who could care less about the people who need this wonder drug! Thank you I'm always up for the advice.
  5. They're normal.........relax.
  6. Sorry for being so blunt about my health time is short for me and every little thing is like the weight of the . I am in stage IV pancreatic cancer again sorry for being so blunt, none of you fine folks needed to be disrespected like that. Hope we can chat real soon.
  7. Cool I definitely get the point. I'll do just that.
    Thank you everyone.
  8. They look good so far

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