My summer drug.

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  1. Here are my options.
    K2, or black mamba
    Gets you high.
    And I can get it safely with the law on my side.
    No munchies.
    Short high.
    Would have to buy a 3 gram bag a week.

    Or weed seeds.
    Longer and safer high.
    Scared of the law.
    Mom thinks I will OD, or become addicted (When she first caught me she made me watch reefer madness, but I was still stoned FUNNIEST SHIT EVER!)
    Growing it takes time.
    And Fertilizer, which I don't caught, and my mom thinks I am gay because I want gardening supplies.
    And I will have to walk a mile in the woods.

    So help me out, I am leaning towards K2.
  2. definitely grow, that mile walk will definitely be rewarding. high walks are healthy because you get in touch with yourself and nothing to bother you. who knows maybe you'll get lost and have a shitload of fun. not to mention nothing can compare to weed, thats why its illegal. and if you grow outside holy shit you'll have some bud for this summer and every summer for the next 2 years
  3. Just because it's legal doesn't make it safe. The legal blends you can buy have only been around a short while, there could be all sorts of unknown health implications. I'd stick to the tried and true herb... marihoochi.
  4. That's not much of a list. You can't go wrong with some good bud. I've heard more bad then good about these rc's.
  5. lol wut. let me get this straight, your options are:

    1. start buying and smoking legal herbs (a.k.a. jwh-018) which doesn't show up on drug tests, technically legal.


    2. start growing marijuana, (even though it seems like you live at home with parent(s) that disagree with your habit) and risk getting caught/ not having a medicinal permit)

  6. What about option 3? Smoke real pot and don't get caught doing it. That's the route I took when I was a dependant. Yep, you really can't beat intelligent use of real pot.
  7. If you are going to buy 3 grams of spice a week, why don't you just use the money to buy weed instead? and not worry about growing.
  8. I don't have a dealer, well theres a kid at school, but I can't see him over summer.
  9. Meet some new people man. Do you go to school? Thats where i met all my dealers at lol.
  10. 3 kids here in AZ just got sent to the ER for smoking to much K3:confused_2:
  11. Kids...
  12. Srsly id be carful with the legal herbal blends.

    I smoked k2 summit for a week straight, refuling like 3-4 times a day for a week.

    And it got to the point where when i wasnt baked on k2 a nasty headache would come around, which would usually result in me rolling another joint to get back into high land.

    Its like when weed starts to fade my head feels kinda relaxed, well this shit when it starts to go away, at least for me, the high brain would be replaced with a fried brain, and it would hurt.
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    Oh shit man. I don't think I could watch that high, I've watched some of it sober and it was honestly the most ridiculous and funny thing I've seen in my entire life.:laughing:

    Man, it's easy enough to find a dealer wherever you are, it's weed.

    Anyway... If you're tempted to choose K2 or other smoking blends like Spice etc, then don't. Simply put, they're just herbs covered with synthetic Cannabinoids such as JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-081, JWH-250, etc. If you're happy with that high, then order one of the JWH chemicals itself, for the same price as 3-6g of K2 you could get 1g of pretty much any JWH, which will last you between 50 and 200 smokes, a lot more than 3g of K2 will last.

    Also, Pandora's Box next time.
  14. Asking this question on a weed forum? Grow weed, smoke weed, eat weed!!

    Fuck 'K2'. I saw a report on 'legal weed' and most of them are just some plant with chemicals sprayed on them. Not a 'natural' high as advertised. Fuck salvia as well. I smoked that shit once and my kidneys hurt so bad!

    If your mom thinks men who like to garden are gay -> Send her my way . . . I'd plow her field all night and plant a few seeds ;)

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