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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Leandra, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. just puttin' up some of my macro work...


    [​IMG][fragile][​IMG][in between][​IMG][needledrop]

    [​IMG][heart in a cage][​IMG][thistle][​IMG][Lykantrophie]
    [​IMG][dead doll][​IMG][Saw]

    well,that's enuff for now^^

    I need to smoke one.
  2. nice work ,I like the rotation effect on the smokey one
  3. Beautiful work on the water droplet macros, Leandra! I have yet to delve into those moyself.. but winter is coming so I may have no choice in a few months. We just had our first frost last night, so the number of flowers outdoors is dwindling.

    I'm anticipating more work from you. Great stuff!
  4. I love them. They're beautiful, a little on the dark side, but i'm diggin it nonetheless. Keep up the good work, i too am expecting more pics! :D
  5. Great photos!

    And as was said before me, they're a bit on the dark side- which I love. I anticipate seeing more, these are awesome! :)
  6. Great shots, really nice work. Im really diggin the show of the violet, very nice!
  7. I love the darkness in these, it works really well. Blow and Heart in a cage are my favorites.
  8. I love them all. Do you have any high res?
  9. Those are quality. Although the very first one of the fly creeped me out a little when I first saw it lol. I hate bugs.

  10. Of course I have but I licensed my work so I don't give away the original sizes
    because I already had to deal with picture thievery.(in a public manner)

    BUT-there are many high res in my main gallery which is here


    I truly aprechiate the nice feedback^^

    I wonder what I should post here...What photos do you peeps want to see ?
  11. post anything you can, anything and everything is appreciated, even if people don't say so.

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