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My stroke of luck, which saved us from the bacon.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by D9_THC, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. Me, my brother and my friends George and Dean often toke at a place we like to call "the red door". It's at the back of a medical center, and it's basically a big red warehouse style door with a porch about 3 meters deep.
    Next to it is a small car park which can be accessed by a road which comes from the side. The porch is also lit. So at night time we often go here because it's sheltered from rain and almost totally from the wind.
    Anyways, me, my Bro and George were sat there tokin' and I got up cos I needed a piss, so I went round the corner which goes to the side of the building with the road leading up. I just began to unzip my trousers when I noticed a meat-wagon driving straight up the road towards me. I quickly went back round the corner and said "PIGS!!!". Grabbed my backpack and the bong-mix and ran for it. My Bro and George also ran, but didn't pick anything up, so we lost my bong *cries* and George's phone.
    As we were about 50 meteres away from "the red door" I turned my head and noticed that the car had parked completely adjacent to the porch and the pigs had gotten out of the car.
    Well, we kept running and got away.

    But basically... if I hadn't gone for a piss at that exact time we would've been busted. If I went too early... I could have missed it totally, or seen them while the piss was comin out.
    If I'd just sat there then the pigs would've come round the corner and we'd be in for it.

    YAY! Dan's pissing saves the day!
  2. Uhm.... Correct me if I'm wrong, but if George left his phone, I think he'll be getting a visit from the nice officer who finds it.
  3. wow! you got some damn good timing. What about george's phone? Is that gonna come back to bite him in the ass? Sorry to hear about your bong man :( that's like losing a friend.
  4. yea man george is swrewed. sucks for him but lucky for you guys
  5. a little piss and a lot of weed could solve most of the world's problems

    and you should go back some time to look, it's possible they didn't get the bong or the phone, just because they were nearby that doesn't mean they found the shit
  6. Yeah, I'd go back and don't want to lose the phone OR a bong.
  7. One time we were all puffin way down this dirt road, and it was just nighttime out. As we were smoking we started talking about how the cops always hassled us and stuff. Anyway jjust cause we were stoned and shit we made up this big escape plan about how if we saw lights coming up the road the other boys could peel with the dope and leave me with a ciggy( since i was driving) and they could peel through the woods to a nearby subdivision. Anyway we had sessioned 4 bowls already and were about to hit the 5th one. When I look up, and see lights coming up the road. This was less than 5 minutes after we made our plan. So the boys all peeled and i lit up the ciggy. i told the cop i was just offroading by myself and stopped for a ciggy so he told me to get out of there. I peeled and picked up my friends, no hassle.

    And as luck would have it it was the local hardass , not just any officer, so it would have been a big hassle if all of us ahd been there. Not only that but 2 of my friends had a half ounce each on them, a pipe and scales.
  8. damn.. sux bout your bong? was it glass? so if your frined left his phone, wont he probley get a call from the pigz any minute????
  9. I almost got busted hardcore a bit ago, but this would have been hard core busted. I was hanging out at a dead end where all of the youth in my area come to smoke weed. We were chilling in the car and were on our fifth bowl of the hour in our second hour playing some snes in the car. So after this we decide to pop some mushroom and have a good old fashioned freakout. We pop em and just as the sac goes back under the seat a cop car comes rolling by. Were just waiting there for a bit hes running the plates and our mush is starting to kick in. So then two more cop cars come by and park there, so were surrounded by 3 copcars in total. Were just chilling and keeping it cool and all of our friends keep passing by in their cars looking to see what happened some even swooped by twice. And were in the car freaking out with an ounce of mush and an ounce ofo bud under the seat and the cops have our liscences and shit. 1 HOUR LATER we get our shit back and the cops drive away not noticing the box slowly escaping from the car. Funny yet scary shit.

    Damn warren lost my chamberpipe i made in tech class with clear sides to a chick cop. but they didnt take his bud
  10. naaa. the next morning george phoned up his phone network and reported the phone stolen :D

    and we also went back the next day. it was all gone. i don't think the cops would have missed a 15 inch purple cylinder with some bright orange paint on the top. lol

    besides, they parked RIGHT next to the porch. not just near it.
  11. that's beat about the bong and the phone... good timing though.

    2 fridays ago i was walking around with my friend, and i just so happened to half an ounce and a half on my possession at the time... well anywayz, some kid got his ass beat at the school which i had to walk by to get home. so we're walking past the school when out of nowhere 2 cop cars and a paddywagon stop us. they start asking us all these questions, and we're both stoned out of our heads and the whole time all i can think is "they know i'm stoned... they're gonna search me... i'm going to jail..." lol. scared the shit outta me, but it seems all they wanted to know was if we knew anything about what went on, and if we'd seen a girl in a white coat. we said no, and no, and they left us go.
  12. I was puffin one time in an alley here in capital city in front of my "college living space". It was the street with the homeless shelter on it which also happens to be 2 seconds in front of our dorms. Well me and my bud were takein bowl hits in this little inlet in the alley. I was like "Lets get out of her." As soon as we get back to the dorms I turn around and see a cop drive down the alley.

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