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My story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fexy, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. So yeah, im from Boston and i work as a janitor at a school. I'd say im a pretty streetwise kid, i occasionally get in trouble with the law but can usually talk my way out of it. but for as long as i can remember people have hailed me as a genius. I never really tried to achieve in academia, but the world could be my oyster if i did.

    I got in a fight recently and damn near killed a guy, he used to bully me when i was younger, anyway it would have meant i'd be sent to jail, but a professor at the school intervened because im a 'genius' and forced me to either go to therapy, or face jail. Like anyone i chose therapy.

    Recently i also met a girl in a bar, and have since fallen in love with her, although she is moving to california to pursue her goal of becoming a doctor.

    I managed to talk through my problems in therapy and because of it i can now be rid of my inner demons and take control of my life. I plan on moving to the west coast, which my best friend thinks i should do, to be with the girl i love.
  2. You should, like, write your story down. Maybe it could be made into a movie. Do you have low-life friends? Maybe they could be played by the Affleck brothers.
  3. Keep a diary :)

    Post it when you can

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