My story of being saved.

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  1. So first off, this is not a thread to push my religion or bash on you if you don't have one. I'm simply posting this because I am thinking of the time I got saved and encourage anyone else who has been, to do so aswell. Soo anway, here's the story. One day I went to church with my grandmother who's a very faithful christian pentecostal woman. My mom decided to tag along for some reason. As soon as I walked through the doors, I felt a strong emotion of sadness. I played it off as nothing and went and took my seat. Into like the 2nd song they were singing, I started crying like a baby. This time it couldn't be stopped. I started thinking about all the wrong things I've done in life. There was a point in life that I almost worshipped the devil. Maybe I did? I used to be extremely obese. 215lbs in 5th grade. I can't remember if I did or not but I might have said I would sell my soul in return for being skinny. It still makes me cry when I think of that because in 6th grade I started losing weight rapidly and by the time 7th grade rolled in, I weighed 150 lbs. I didn't excercise and did the normal fat kid things. It left me with constipation every since. We went to countless doctors and all were baffled. Anyway, back to the story, I was crying non stop and just started praying for God to forgive me for everything. This must have went on for 10 minutes straight. My grandmother took me up to the front, and every one gathered around and started praying for me. The preacher laid his hand on my head and started to aswell. And then it all stopped. I smiled and hugged my grandmother and mom and preacher. My mother was crying now. To my amazement she started praying and got saved aswell. I've had to stop writing this atleast 10 times to wipe my tears away. It was the most life changing event I've ever had. But to this day, I still wonder if the devil has my soul. I pray that God will forgive me and save me from hell. Maybe I have done wrong too many times, and it can't be forgivable but I still keep my head held high and try to be the best I can be. Yea I know you kids are gonna be like "oh bro who cares?" And "nah man you're a stupid christian that's been fed nonsense" but I truely believe in God. So please, I ask you again, don't turn this into a stupid religion arguement. I was just stating this event in my life. Have a great day Grass City. One love
  2. GRACE means:


    If you are true in your faith, there is no sin too great for our God to handle. To think one exists would be to undermine the importance of Jesus's sacrifice for us.
    Also, the devil cannot own your soul, rather he can try to seduce you into wrongdoing. Again, if your faith is strong then sin will have less of a grasp on you.

    Cool story, bro.
  3. Sorry, but I stopped believing in fairytales a long time ago. If you want a serious discussion regarding religion it belongs in S&P.
  4. You were 215 pounds in the 5th grade?

  5. Sometimes I wish I could feel that, believing in god can give people such powerful emotions and strength, better life etc

    I don't see much other good use to it though, devote your life to something.

    I just can't set my beliefs on something like that, I'm TOO open-minded.
  6. Yeah people foget that the devil is guna suffer just like any one else in hell,he wont be running a hotel with dwight.
    God owns you realy, no matter who you worship,he is our shepard.

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