My story from last week.

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  1. So its been a while since i posted, so I'll post a story. Well last week I was walking home my friend from school, since we live quite close together. Now my friend and I always had quite feelings for each other, and I liked her for quite some time now. The plan that was running through my head the whole time was to work up enough courage to try to kiss her.

    We finally got up to her house and I was looking down the street since I had seen someone pull up my driveway. I have no clue what went into her mind when she did so, but she ended up doing that joke where you make someone hit there fist against your face ( by holding up to other persons head then calling there name). Well I turned around and her fist hit my head hard, as I turned so quickly. Now this wouldn't be bad, but she ended up hitting my eye while it was open, so i was in pretty bad pain.

    I ended up leaving without a kiss, having to wake home with one eye. The next day my eye was slightly black.
  2. Choke a bitch
  3. Fuck her THEN choke a bitch
  4. Yarr, Twas a humorous anecdote.
  5. dude now she's just gonna feel like she owes you and baboom! you're in
  6. This. :smoke:

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