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  1. K so fuckin me n my buddies go to this house party on saturday night, we are all graduated but we heard it was a party that was apparantly from our old school, so we decide to hit it up.. It was a buncha lil kids so we smoked mean blunts n peaced to starbucks to figure shit out, nuthin happened to we hit that party again, this time we all decided to steal shit, stupid idea i tell you. I take a webcam, i dont know why dont ask i was blitzed as fuck didnt really kno wwut was goin on, buddy takes a laptop buddy takes a ps2 and we bounce. Next day i wake up. And a cops in my doorway wid my rents, he asks if i took the webcam cuz apparantly he heard i did, so i give it to him, thanksgiving dinner day n my parents r choked, my dad gives me a good yell at n now he says i cant go out again? kinda wack, i kno this will blow off soon i guess he just feels i made him look like an idiot for havin a son that does htis kinda shit you know what i mean?? well im plannin on talkin to him about it tommorow, i wanted to give it a good 2 days toi blow over then ill figure it out.. Its 9:28 and i just rolled a blunt n dipped it in oil, plannin on steppin out n smokin it when my rents go to sleep n think about shit.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. fuck i gotta work tommorw at 7 and im nott lookin for ward to ittttt
    lata blades
  2. Uncool man, I wont -rep, but still thats a douchbag move, you crash a party, then leave, then your SO bored you decided to jack some shit from highschoolers? Yeah they suck major balls, but still man, if you did that in my house you wouldn't see the cops the next day, you would see me with a bat lookin for your punk ass. Lucky you didn't get arrested also, nice cop.

    As for your question, just tell him you were really high or drunk and were being a COMPLETE retard. And didn't know what was really doing on at the time. Yeah he will be pissed you were fucked up, but it's no better then "I was bored and decided to jack shit because I was high and the kids were younger and I thought I would get away with it." He will think he raised a theft, rather then a son who just made a bad choice for a night while intoxicated.
  3. yea it was pretty lame man w.e i was so bent it wasnt really funny
    but ya anyways things are all good on the way home from work i explained to my dad what went down and gave him the old im a good kid i dont do anythin bad speech and it worked
  4. I don't care if you were stoned out of your mind, essentially you don't change the kind of person you are when you're stoned. You're a friggen douchebag.

  5. word. also if i were you i would not say you did because your high. then your dad will just use that to keep you from smoking or be like "oh so when you smoke weed you act like an idiot right?" oh and one more piece of advice, i wouldnt throw any parties anytime soon, payback is a bitch.
  6. Karma will visit you soon.
  7. This is exactly why I have thrown ZERO parties at my house or my parents house during my high school years.
  8. Wee.... I killed this dude in an ally way last night.

    But i was really high so its ok. :rolleyes:
  9. man that was like every open house ever during high school in my town. They were alright for a while, but boy theres some horror stories floatin' around the east coast of Canada haha.
  10. Stealing's definitely not a good idea. I just got off probation for that shit in August. At least you (hopefully) learned your lesson, though.
  11. not cool....i wanna -rep you but i wont..

    my buddy had his laptop stolen when we threw a party at his house.

    fuckin people...what goes through your head when you're doing these things???

    I could never do that to someone, I just think if someone stole my laptop...that would suck.

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