My Stoned Convorsation With: Nature

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  1. So right now I'm out in Stanley. Idaho working at a motel for the summer. I'm staying with my aunt who lives in this town of 63 people. This afternoon after work I decided that After I got back to the house I would take a walk and smoke break in the woods. Now you must understand, the woods here lead up these really big hills on which you can sit an look at one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, the Sawtooth Mountains. It is an abousutky amazing sight.... Mix that with some blue dream Nd you have a absolutely perfect day. Anyway I follow a small creek upstream to get to the spot I like to sit, toke, nap, and look at the mountains. Today, after smoking 2 nice ass bowls of this saliva dominant, I sat there and just listened to the sound of the creek and watched the clouds move over the mountains. I was in what felt like some form of heaven. So about an hour or two later, I decided to walk back home along this creek. Thus was the conversation that I had with my surroundings that I had with myself on the way back: "I am like so in this zone right now that like no one else is even in and that is just such a sad thing cuz like everyone needs to be in this zone if we want the world to get better. I mean look! I am being guided home by a fucking river right now!!! No one gets guided home by a fucking river except those who are chill as fuck with nature. This means I am so fucking chill with nature right now. Can you believe that natures fucking river is guiding me home?!?!? That's so fucking cool." idk if that is actually cool, but at the time I was soooo fucking amazed:)
  2. You know you're high when...
  3. I had a conversation with the most beautiful, juicy, big red organic apple. I think I get where you're coming from. The great outdoors are a calling for some.
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    Haha what was you'd conversation with the apple like??
  5. Nature always somehow is in the most magical moments!
    I was praising its amazing texture, taste, juiciness. How organic it was, how beautiful it was and many other things. Then I was finished eating and moved on. It was a lovely pocket of time though.
  8.  I'll often spend an hour or two just sitting down with my eyes closed in the scrub just to relax.
      I don't tolerate urban life at all.  I have to deal with disneyland's fucking fireworks every night at 9:30 pm, and if i don't get to the harbor or the hills to escape the disgusting sound of traffic, i literally become sick from the stress.
     Everything there is better..  the soil is healthy and clean-feeling, the ants dont fuck you up..  It's just a great place to be while stoned, all around, so long as you dont touch poison oak lol

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