My stealth hydro set up it OK?

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Slowcoach, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Hi all
    I'm currently growing in a 24" X 24" X 48" grow tent...I'd like to go a little bigger but it's a stealth grow and my closet is only 2 feet deep. I know the lack of height works against me but I'm only growing for personal use which isn't too much..I only go through about a half ounce a month. And, I also don't want a perpetual grow because I live in a non-cannabis-friendly State.

    I've got a Mars Hydro reflector 48 5w light and my nutes are Advanced Nutrients bloom grow and micro. I also use a little cal/mg and keep root rot away with hydroguard. So far I have been happy with these products.

    Currently I have 4 white widow autos going... I know that's too many for such a small space but all 4 seeds popped and I wasn't sure they would all survive. One, that's in a 2 gallon bucket, is looking great and should be ready for harvest in a few weeks. The other 3 share a large flat reservoir. One is very big and most of the buds are looking great while some of the lower ones look to be a few weeks behind. The other 2 plants are smaller and farther is way behind.

    Because of the differences in development I'm wondering if I need more light. In the future I only plan on having 2 plants at a time which may be enough for that light but being new, I'm not sure.

    Next up are 2 regular blue cookie plants that I'll move into the tent when the autos are finished. They are 4 weeks into veg and I have been tying them down and using some LST to keep them low because of my 48" high tent. They are temporarily in a makeshift grow box made out of a clothes washer box and have the same Mars Hydro light in it....I want that box to be temporary until I can get a growing schedule down pat and then only use the tent.

    Would I be better off getting a slightly more powerful LED light or do you guys thing the Mars Hydro Reflector 48 is enough for that space ( the 2 X 2 X 4 tent) ? And, do you think the difference in development ( even on the same plant) could be light related?

    One thing...when the autos are harvested and I move the blue cookies into the tent I could put both lights in the there but for all I know that may be too much.


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