my stealth ghetto grow room

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  1. ok guys heres my setup. be free to tell me to get more things

    ok so...
    2 large size tupperwear bucket containers. when taped together, creats a 3x4 container.
    miracle grow garden soil
    1 thermometer
    1 timer ( for lights)
    1 100w flurescent light (vegetation)
    1 400w HPS light (flowering)
    1 cooling fan
    10 lowryder dwarf seeds

    you guys think this would work
  2. what kinda miracle grow?if not the organic you may end up with nutrient burn down the road.if you cant get any other soil then maybe mix it with other dirt to weaken the nutes.
  3. Your hps will generate way to much heat for those rubbermaid, unless you have a cool tube for it. And you will not be able to get enough fans in there to cool it off. I am using a rubbermaid setup aswell (look at my grow journal). And 6 CFLs even run in the 79 range with great circulation. Especially with mylar, which can sometimes raise temperatures, that plastic will melt.
  4. alright thanks, im thinkin i might start the vegetation with the rubbermade setup than i will transfer the plants after 2 weeks to a wodden box type setup so they can grow with no problem. and do you really think that miracle grow soil is to much for the plants??
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    Not trying to call anyone a lier or nothing but I use a 400W HPS without a cool tube and mine works wonders. I also have a mylar emergency blanket up and am using a rubbermaid storage container. The only thing is, I have a 20 inch box fan I use to cool it and I'm also using a hydroponic system with my rubbermaid containers. So if your using soil it may get a bit hot as mine has water circulating in the bucket which keeps it alot cooler. But yea with soil, heat may become a problem.

    Edit: Yes if it is not organic MG it will nute burn it for sure. I tried the same thing before I went hydro and it was a disaster. One day the plant would look greeat and the next it would be brown and dead looking. Thats why I built my own hydro system.
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    alright thanks a lot. ill probly invest in a little cooling fan or something, and im also going to get some organic soil for sure

    edit- would it be ok if i just used regular dirt instead of going out and buying some organic soil or would it just turn into a disaster
  7. you will most certainly get weak thin plants

  8. from dirt? yeah probly. i got organic soil so it should be all good. ill post some pics soon of the setup so you guys can get a general idea of what im workin with
  9. yeeeeah sweet, get some good nutrients for when the plants use all of the nutes in the soil. i cant wait to see the grow,are you going to keep it in this thread?

  10. uhh probly not. i think i will start a new thread for it

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