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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bongman, May 2, 2003.

  1. here is what i bought today for 14EURO. i wanna know if it looks to be a good deal or not.

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  2. sideview :)
    cant wait to smoke it!

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  3. looks like decent pot to me, what is it a gram?
  4. Looks like some pretty good shit to me, however I don't know how much 14 euros is compared to USA money. If you buy weed by the gram, where I come from, it's like 15-20 dollars.

  5. Some of you pay 15-20us for a gram of weed!?!?
    Wow i pay 10canadian for a gram of premo nugs.
  6. looks good to me man i wish i had the stuff
  7. heh get this, last weekend i had some really crystally bud that i got an 1/8 of for $55. well i sold 2.5 grams to this kid for $65!! so it was like someone gave m 2 grams and 10 dollars :)

  8. and that is..., but noice nugs!

  9. nice pic..... looks pretty good, but i dont know what 14 EURO is in american money. i live in USA! yay!

    elem3nt, i can get 1 gram of KB for 15$

  10. same here.... i pay no more then $10 u.s for some deadly erb..... i guess its just where, ya live an who ya know...
  11. 14 Euro (what i payed for that weed) is the same as about 15US dollars. im not sure how much my stash weighs but im glad you guys think it looks ok. cant wait for tonight to come and for me to get bent!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yeah hahaha when i moved to this town i made the right friends, lol. Hahaha Italians..... an eight is nothing to them. So they charge nuthing.
  13. fark...
    had some of that weed last night with a mate and i tell you what.
    bloody good shit. we didnt have much and we were soooo wasted for a good 2 hours. was awsome. still have shit loads left of the weed to!!! hahahahaha loved it :)
  14. looks like around two grams to me if the baggie is the same size as the baggies we have here..

    you should get a cheap pocket scale so you can see what you're buying.

    i can get good mid's here for $5 a gram, but i usuaully buy wieght, save money.
  15. I grow my own so I don't have to pay for shit!!!!! I just harvested almost 4 ozs. of nice Haze. Grew it in my closet.
  16. I live in Red Deer alberta yo. man u ever come by this way msg me and well smoke a fatty. haha sweet shit

  17. lucky prick! wish i could grow it. not possible though. would get caught just cause of the smell!! maybe onday hopefully
  18. sweet lord i get like half that for 20$ god damn anyone from oregon wanna hook me up ill give 15$ for like 3/4 of that much
  19. Dude.. Down here a gram is worth 1.25$AU

    An Ounce is worth a good 150-200$AU but I can get it for like 40$

    -- Seamus
  20. removed.. nevermind

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