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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by DeUs311, May 15, 2003.

  1. Well today I have officially begun my growing season! I'll break down my whole plan here, I will be giving some tips from what I have learned so far. I would also like some tips in return!!

    - 4 bagseeds ( picked it out of a real good 8 sack I had )

    My whole setup is in the attic and is under construction as we speak. My plan is germinate my seeds with the paper towel trick, once the roots have sprouted, take them by tweasers and bury them in peat pots. The peat pots will be in my vegitative. The room has about 5-6 floros and is about 5ft squared. I intend to grow them out to about 7-8'' where they will then be transplanted to their perminant larger pots for flowering. The room is 7ft squared. I haven't really decided on the lamp I want to use. I want an HPS light but im juggling between 250W - 400W system. Anyways, thats a brief description of my plan.

    So, here are some pics of my setup under-construction. I will update this thread regularly.


    The taller room to the left will be my Flowering room, and the fatter room to the right is the veggitative room. I plan on repainting the inside of the rooms white as well :) Things are a little disorganized but will soon start looking decent, I hope.
  2. good luck man i hope all goes god for ya later
  3. Well I made some progess and have a few pics. This weekend im going to go out and buy my soil supplies, yay! :D I was sawing off drawers for my vegitative room so only the front is left, when a behimoth of a bee zoomed over my head. This mother was huge and didnt look to happy, at this point I decided it was time to take a break and go downstairs. :) The next day I managed to finish not only the drawers but the bee as well! =)

    [​IMG] I call him superman because it took me 2 wacks with a hammer to make him perminantly 2 dimensional, stuck to the window sill.

    [​IMG] He's actually larger, just he is squished.
  4. Some pix of the area im growing in, and the vegitative room.


    [​IMG] Inside of the vegitative room.

    [​IMG] The outside, pretty stealthy, huh? I feel pretty smart. :D
  5. I did some cleaning as well because tommorrow I paint the rooms.


    Thats about it, I'll be starting to germinate my seeds next week, hope everything goes to plan. =\
  6. guess it didnt work out huh?
  7. The Bees most likely got him in the night. Bees and hammers don't mix well. Poor bastard.
  8. some people dont like bees. But thast funny.. last post he made.. he "THOUGHT" he killed the bee. Guess he didnt

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