My sprout is dieing :(

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  1. Okay, well almost a week ago I was walking down the street when I saw a roach laying on the ground.
    Out of curiosity I picked it up and broke it open and checked inside of it, there were two seeds.
    So I tried germinating them and one of them started to sprout so I put it in soil and it slightly grew, but then it just stopped growing. It's only about half and inch tall, it's in half a pop can. This is my first time growing and I'm thinking I might of over watered it. So my question is, is if it is too late or is there still a chance that it will survive?
  2. What kind of light conditions are you growing it under? Its winter, so I doubt the sun from a window is going to be enough.

    What kind of water are you using? What kind of soil are you using?

    Loads of reasons why you're little plant won't grow.

    My very first successful grow was from a bag seed. I put it under a 10 dollar walmart "plant" light, and it grew well. In a 2 dollar pot with miracle grow potting soil.

    You will eventually need more lights than the one. You can start seeds now indoors, and make a larger grow box, or move to the outside when the weather cooperates.

    Lots of reasons why it could die, it may be simply just a bad seed that had been smoked around. My suggestion is that if you're really serious about growing a small plant, read up on here about how to build a microgrow box, and buy some decent seeds from a decent source.
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    Okay, well im growing it under an office desk light that doesn't give off too much heat, and I've been using tap water with miracle grow in it, the soil is from another plant that's in my house, I haven't smoked around it, and I know these are all pretty bad growing conditions but I haven't got a chance to get any better supplies. Also should I stop using miracle grow, I've heard good and bad things about it.
  4. You definitely shouldn't be using MG everytime you're watering.

    Once a week with a cheap spray gun from walmart worked for me. Make sure you're using the right amount for the can. 32oz of water gets about 1/4 tsp of fertilizer.

    The office light probably isn't enough. It depends on the light spectrum, how old the light is, etc. If you just set it under the light thats probably not good either, you need something to reflect the light in.

    I wouldn't trust the soil from another plant, the ph is probably WAY off, and some plants don't get along well.

    My advice is to water it only once, wait until the soil starts getting crusty to water it some more. Fertilize once a week.

    Honestly, this one probably won't make it. Its all about preparation in the grow. Some strains are really hardy and can take a lot of abuse, others, not so much.

    My advice is to take a small box, cover the inside with some mylar "emergency blanket" from walmart, and buy a plant light. You're looking at maybe 20, 30 bucks tops. Drill a little hole in the side, if you don't have a drill, just leave the door slightly open. You're plant may come back doing that. Find something other than a coke can bottom also, peat pots are like 20 cents each, and a bag of some decent soil will run you about 10 dollars.

    I used to grow outdoors which really took 0 work for the most part back home. Where I'm at now the soil sucks, so I've had to experiment indoors. Read up here, there is a lot of good information.
  5. You don't need to feed a sprout. And chances are your soil has enough nutrients that you wouldn't have to feed it for a month...

    It's probably going to die. Next time, just put in the soil and only water once the soil is fairly dry and don't add any ferts... Miracle-gro or other...

  6. Thanks, I'm gonna change the water I've been using to store bought water, I dont know If I can do much about the lighting, but I'll see. Anyways if this doesn't work out I plan on growing outside when it gets a bit warmer, and I'll probably invest in the right soil, water, pot, nutrients etc.
  7. [​IMG]

    There are some pictures of it.
  8. bad lighting plus too much water and nutes = death
  9. You haven't really thought this through have you? What are you going to do when this thing is too big for your desk light? what kind of enviroment are you going ti give this little sprout when it matures into a plant to ensure it has any chance of surviving? These are things you really need to consider. Theres alot more to doing this than just putting seed in soil, giving water and picking buds. Not to mention the fact that with just one seed the chances are just as good you get a male as a female and all that work will have been for nothing. I'm by far not trying to discourage you, just trying to help you see how much work is yet to be done. My personal advice would be let this one go, do your research, get ALL your supplies and start over when you have some chance of success. I say this because I tried two times to do what you did, and got nothing to show for it. Then I got serious, bought real equipment, read everything i could find and will be harvesting my 3rd grow in about 4 weeks. The reality is that if you cant provide optimal grow conditions you are going to end up with little or no results even if you win the genetic lottery and the sprout turns out to be female. Sorry to be the downer in the group, just being realistic... good luck in whatever you decide to do

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