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  1. Well I am new to and figured I would post my experience and soon will be posting pictures of my plant. I do have younger photo's from a cam that I used but I am trying to get a hold of a digital camera to take good quality pictures.

    I have 2 female clones that I cloned from my one female that recently died from winter and making my attic too cold. The one female is nearly 3 feet and the other one is just under the 12 inch mark. Reason for the stunted growth of the other one I believe is because it cloned later than the other one. Then it grew too big and started hogging the light.

    Now they are both pretty mature at this stage and have nice buds all over them. However, this morning when I woke up, I was about to feed it right after the light kicked off, and I noticed little tiny round balls (no not male ones either) I grabbed my hemo's and picked it off and to my surprize, spring time pollinated my females. Major bummer...
    All though, me being a grower that should be good news, cause you get fresh seedlings. But I wanted to try for once to get sterile plants cause I heard that they are better than the ones that aren't steril.

    However, I did try one of the buds just a few days ago, and I must say, its one of the best stuff I have ever smoked in a long time.

    This is what I have:
    2 70w HPS and 1 60w grow light - both on a timer.
    2 large deep buckets for root growth.
    1 bottle of Alaska Fish Fertilizer (organic) - they get that every week.
    and a nice small closet for full light exposure.

    This isn't my first attempt at growing, I have managed this several times. However I cannot seem to figure out a way to keep pollen away from them.

    Would this by any chance decrease the ammount of THC? If not, I am not really worried about it other than me having to pick seeds out of it.

    Well, I will post more later once I can get a hold of my moms digi cam. She's proud of it too! :D
  2. To keep pollen away, simply remove the males and hermies from your grow room as soon as they appear.

    Not quite sure what you're asking here...

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