my son's paintings, ur opinion

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by kodajake, Feb 13, 2001.

  1. My son (jim) is an artist i would like some feedback on what u think of his work. I have posted 3...(there are more i'll post later. [​IMG]
    copied master (from magazine


    Original work

    Original work

  2. <font color = "blue"> I really like his original art especially the last one. Your son should continue his career.

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  3. Impressive!

    Here I thought I was going to see a drawing of stick people. lol

    How old is your son? He is very talented. Good painting of the human face, too.
  4. ah ha i saw thoes picts befor anyone here, well execpt for kodajake, that means im better than everyone. lol, jk, JK. those picts are cool.
  5. Talented son :) , can he make a living from it?

  6. That's it aeroblurg. Where's that rating button at! lol
  7. it was only a joke, i know im not better than everyone. im not better than most. (look at my selfasteam)
  8. those paintings are excellent, especially the last one...
  9. [​IMG] Thanks to all that have posted such good reviews of my sons work.(i'm sooooo, glad my pride is not just mother love.) I too think he's talented. (btw he's 34 and he has done many paintings for friends and family and he's always working on something. [​IMG] a BIG yes on the (would he make it his life's work) but people have to see your work, and in the meantime u cant eat paintings. I think reading ur comments so far will give him a real boost. I think it is important sometimes to hear "good things" about ur work {especially from people such as yourselves, who could be harsh if they wanted to be.. (because of the anonymity of the www. truthful opinions can be given with no repercussion.)
    The results seem to be honest praise, and that made my will make my son's week. [​IMG] If u folk's would like to see some more paintings then, with aeroblurg's help again, I will post more. (please continue with your good or bad opinions)
    BTW...The name of his studio is, "PoorBoy Art Galleries" :cool: huh
  10. LOL@aeroblurg.. ;) ur "inner child" is not just alive and well, its downright hyperactive :D
  11. I really like the first one it's has good texture and shading, the second one I'm not too crazy about and the 3rd one makes you look at it a few times...isnt that what arts all about? Also the 3rd one makes me want to blow it up to the size of entire wall then look at it on acid... I think that would be cool :)

  12. the third one looks evil. i don't know why but to me it does. the paintings are great. but beware of the third one. lol
  13. hey aeroblurg, PPPPPPlease...could u fix my son's painting of the car ....the black and white is reversed :eek:
  14. resend the pict and ill se what i can do.
  15. all i could do was invert the pict, sorry thats its all sloppy but thats the best i could do for now.
  16. :eek: the third one is incredible. i see a DNA strand.
  17. In the third one I see the time I stayed up 3 days straight on LSD watching Nicolous Cage movies....god I was a wreck.

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