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my son had a wreck

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. My oldest son was in a car wreck this evening. Had to go to the hospital.

    He called me and said that he had a wreck. I hauled ass out to the school where him and three otheres were kinda piled up. The son looked fine when I got there. He was walking around and tlaking to the law officers. About 15 minutes later when we were waiting for the wrecker to get there, I noticed a mark across the lfet eye and left side of his face.

    He sadi he felt a little dizzy, so I had the officer get an ambulance. We get to the hospital and the ER doctor checks him out and said he had an abraision.

    Now we have to wake him up evey hour on the hour till morning. No sleep tonight for me!

    Anyway I now have a totaled out truck, A wrecked child, enough weed to put me in lala land for a month (that I can not smoke), and the ex here tonight along with my sweet friend.

    When things go wrong, seems like i get kicked in the head!

    So Happy valentines day to you all!
  2. talk about a kick in the pants
    sorry to hear about that
  3. Happy valentines day to you too bud head and everyone one else....

    im really sorry about ur kid men :( ,i know its hard but thats the way it goes.hope hell be fine and grow up happy and end up smokin with his good ol dad,everytime when i used to get hert as a kid even badly my dad would say"are ya going to live?i would say yeaa"he would go ok then you'll live im outa here...

    but i got one more thing bh how come u got to wake him up every hour.this happened to my neighbour they had to wake him up good every hour so he wouldnt slip into a coma
    is it the same with ur son?

  4. i'm sorry to hear that bud head. sounds like he took a nasty blow to the head to have to be woken up every hour.

    did they figure out who's fault it was and all that yet?

    sorry you had such a bad valentines day. i got the news that i owe my bank almost $70 from my internet taking out money when they weren't supposed to... which of course 'caused like 2 checks to bounce. oh well, i'm getting a decent tax return though :) lol. anywayz, i hope nothing goes wrong with your son from the trauma.

    dayday, they tell you to wake 'em up every hour incase they have a concussion. if the person has a concussion and falls asleep there's a possibility of them falling into a coma, and even a chance they'll never wake back up.
  5. jeeze, sounds like everyone is having a great valentines day, car wrecks and stereo loss. i'm just spending it alone, not even sweet mary jane to comfort me. nothing out of the ordinary.
  6. Thanks guys and gals. I just had to get it off my chest. He is OK and thats what counts. I'll get him another vehicle and then fix this truck later. I don't care about the truck. Just my big baby boy.

    Hey critter, do you still call all your kids babies?
  7. sorry to hear man
  8. Too bad man...

    On the plus side, it may be out of his system...I got into 2 big accidents when I was in high school (no one got hurt). However, since I hit 18 I haven't had a single one (knock on wood)...

    Thank goodness he's safe...

  9. This one wasn't his fault. The guy behind him slamed into him causing him to slam into the person in front of him. He was sandwiched.
  10. mornin'
    thank god your boy was allright.
    im a little foggy this morning.....but did you say your sweety AND your ex both for valentines?ooooh.

    im going to get my kid a huge truck with like a steel enforced rhino cage/rollbar all around it with a HUGE ass sticker on it that says if you see me driving stupid call my momma.


  11. Good morning honey.

    Yes I said both the ex and the sweetie were here last night.
    No lovins for me last night.

    I am still trying to get 'em both in the sack at the same time!LOL

    I've been up most of the night checking on the oldest son. I believe everything is going to be fine with him..Head injuries aren't to bad on us hard heads..LOL

    Do you want to come down and make it a foursome??
  12. HIGH All, hey hey there Bud Head you might be asking for more than you can chew my friend *LOL*. Glad to hear your first is A OK. Head injuries are the worst case...glad to hear he's not sleeping.

    Oh ya Happy day after Valentines Day.
  13. *all innocent*
    aaw bud id takeup most of your time and the other gals would get jealous.

    or id take up all their time and youd get jealous. :D

  14. Hahahahahahaha I love you guys and gals.

    Unoit he is fine. The truck is totaled. Pics coming as soon as the rain stops..

    Highya don't be making me jelous girl.... I don't handle that well!
  15. *visions a pouty budhead*

    aw i couldnt do that to ya, but ya asked ;)

  16. Hey Bud Head...Sorry I'm late hitting this one. I'm glad your boy is fine. It really pisses me off that others can't pay attention when they drive and their lack of attention causes harm to others. I'm sorry that it happened but very thankful that he's ok, now.

    Oh...and both the ex and the new sweet one? Damn, you are a brave man!!! ;)
  17. I hope you would want more from me than to just watch.. Highya

    RMJL things are fine. I am now trying to find another truck for him. I don't want to spend much because of what I'll have to spend fixing this one eventually!

    Thaanks for all the concerns. They help me from being depressed!
  18. ::::lotsa good Karma to BH and his son::::

    hope he gets well soon :)

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