My somewhat physcological take on weed

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Fijj, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Dudes this be whats up (i'm on DXM right now not weed in case you wanted to know)

    OK well, everyone knows weed is a enchancer.
    Now what i want to talk about is the lonely stoners, like i am a lot. I think that being stoned alone is all about how much you like yourself. Hell being stoned shows how you truely feel about yourself, so if your sad when your stoned then its obvious that your a sad person overall. BUt what im really trying to convise people is why weed should be legal

    But i just figured out why weed is non addicting! Since it doesn't improve the mood only enchance it it is not something that can be addicted to because you can't use weed as escapism, which is what leads to evetual addiction. Now if you make the arguement that you can still get addicted to weed you can but its a mental addiction, which is what alchoholism is as well, a mental addiction. Indeed you see Alchoholics all the time, so that takes away the arguement that everyone will be a stoner, cause in reality not everyone is going to smoke weed EVERY day. And you can't exactly go to work drunk, just like how youcant go to work high (even though you can and get all your work done effeciently if you have the mind set to do it).
    Legalise it. sorry if this doesnt make sense/ is common sense im on dxm..
  2. I'm a lonely stoner too. Never smoke with anyone else.

    Been smoking alone for many years now... used to have smoking buddies, but not anymore.

    But smoking alone is where it's at THE BEST.

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