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My solution for smoking at work and bars

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CrossEyedJack, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Got a new job, the problem is I can't make it out to my car anymore. So here is what I do.

    Get Camel Vanilla or Cloves, remove all the tabacco. I then mix in a little KB or some really good bud. Then re-inject the cig with a injector. I have a crank injector but the hand ones may work. I had to modify the Nozzle and clamp on the injector a bit cause it only made wides. It took about 20 minutes.

    I will usually put a thin layer then sprinkle a line of chopped weed, then put another layer of tabacco and pack it bit. Then one crank and its done.
    The smell will vary on the amount of weed. A week one will have virtually no smell at all. I've smelt Malboro reds that smell worse. Of course you need to smoke 2 or 3 of them to get a decent buzz.

    I usually make a few week ones, just in case people are around. If someone says something just play it cool, say damn it does smell a bit like weed.

    Oh yeah keep them in a seperate pack, or mark them dent in the filter or something.

    Now bars are evan better, I make them a bit stronger. If the bar is a bit crowded not packed or anything. I light and just move around a bit, some people can smell it but they have no idea were its coming from.

    I've also done it with those Herbal smokes like Herbal Gold. Thats the best people come up to you and ask if your smoking weed, nope and show them pack. I evan tricked a cop, he smelt then came and started bitching at me. I didn't evan put out the smoke, just showed him the pack and said they are herbal smokes. I kinda snickered and told me to be carefull with them.

    Also good for concerts, of course I would make them much stronger maybe only a bit of tabacco at the end to make it look a real smoke.
  2. dirty papers for your lungs

  3. what does that mean?

    you must be hazed your in Florida you probably know some haze growers if your not one yourself.
  4. i like the info here, you got some nice methods man. thx;)
  5. me n friends call it a "secret agent" our method is use a black n mild or clove, empty half of the weed. fill 3/4 of the remaining half with ground AK-47 then pack that last 1/4 with the original tobacco. the pot is concealed, the half tobacco is used to blow on yourself so you dont smell like pot. just leave them unwrapped in the package to tell them apart. dont turn them upside down as this will spill the contents. filter marks work as well.
  6. cloves papers are really bad for your lungs and since I dont smoke cigs I wouldnt wanna use them :p

    but good idea if your a tobacco smoker at all
  7. when i was stil on campus and wantd to smoke b4 class or somthing i would empty a black and mild half way and pack the weed in, so that when im done with the weed ive got some black and mild to cover the smell
  8. if you're token at work make sure you have a few extra regular cloves in case you get the nosey coworker who says "Man let me try one of those cloves!" :)
  9. hmmm Intriguing. I do not like cigarette tobacco at all (I must have an allergy to something in it because it make me ill), but I'd love to be able to smoke in a bar. The Herbal Gold idea sounds fabulous. Even if I stuffed it full of weed and no tobacco. I've had people smoke Herbal cigs beside me and think they were smoking weed... And I've seen many people smoke herbal cigs and get away with it when the package was revealed. Interesting idear indeedy.
  10. 4 words: Smokeless Pipe and Bathroom.
  11. I smoke outside all the time.

    All I do is this:

    Double-wide (2") papers
    Rolling Machine
    1 Ciggarette
    1 Roach Paper

    Construction is simple:

    First, we need to deconstruct the ciggarette. Tear the filter and printed orange thing off as one piece from the cig (like you're breaking the cig in half, only don't break it in the middle, break it right where the tobacco meats the printed filter paper). Take the filter, and remove it from the orange-colored filter paper. Discard the filter and you should be left with just the orange printed filter paper still in a regular tube shape. Don't tear it: when you get the filter paper out of the middle of it just use a pencil or something.

    Take the rolling machine, and put almost all the tobacco in it with the roach paper in the usual spot. Then add your weed (.1-0.3g), then roll with the 2" paper. The two inch paper will make your joint look very straight (no wrinkles) and sturdy. Also it won't be transparent at all like some joints are.

    Take the printed filter paper, and slide it over the end of the joint. What you're left with is something that looks exactly like a ciggarette in almost every way. I've smoked these everywhere: outside of buildings, next to cops, you name it. They look identical to ciggs, and all the tobacco in them masks any weed smell. They're perfect for me.
  12. There's a trick to smoking in bars. Sit at a table and let the waitress watch you roll a joint. Then light and pass around while sitting next to the cash register. Problems only occur if a manager walks by and kicks you out. Banned for life? Ahh, that's just an expression.

    We did this a few months ago. I've been back to that bar many times since.

    If you really wanted to be inconspicuous you could always smoke up in the kitchen, I doubt any of the line cooks would care.
  13. Jack, thats a very cool method. I really don't like cig's too much. But I will probably give that a try sometime. +Rep for an entertaining post.:)

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