My soil ph won't raise

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  1. My soil is 6 ph. I ph water at 6. 8 and it never has even like budged ph of soil. My meter is not broken. Now I water straight from tap at over 7 and it still doesn't budge. Is it because I should let chlorine evap? What would be a reason for this? Any help appreciated

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    Soil is self buffering and it takes a lot of way more out of range PH water then your likely using to push the soil PH any measurable amount.
    I water with straight city water at 8.5 and it took over 2 years to eventually show in the plants. This is outside in the blazing hot Southwest USA where I water hundreds of gallons per day just to keep things alive. I now add Sulfur to the soil a couple times a year to keep the high PH water from pushing the soil off balance.

    Ignore the chlorine and chloramines as well. Study has shown it doesn't penetrate more then a 1/2 inch in the soil before getting neutralized.

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  3. So do you think I should use like dry amendments from now on like lime and sulfer and stuff?

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  4. That is a personal choice. I did it that way for a couple of reasons.
    First this is southern California and it's always hot and dry. That means water and a hell of a lot of it. Was just no way I can use anything except the garden hose and the Cannabis gets watered along side the rest of the yard.

    Second is we travel a lot. Here a week and gone a week. I've got limited help when I'm gone but it's best to keep it simple and again all I ask them to do is water with the hose. No mixing or testing. Just a simple water job.


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