My soil ph wont go please!

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    GC, I tried to search for any other threads on this already and came up with nothing that I could if anynone has a link, please direct me. Meanwhile...

    I am having some issues with my soil ph. For approx a week now my soil ph has been at 7.7/7.6. My girls are on day 26 of flower. I flushed them and top dressed with some EWCs. I added some humic acid and also have some organic ph down.

    Yesterday I watered them again with some water that was ph'ed down to 5.9...I checked my run off and got a reading of 7.4.

    Today I whent back and watered again in order to get run off and checked it. It read 7.9!! What in the heck is going on with my soil? My plants are starting to look like ass!! What do I do now?
  2. I assume your meter is calibrated?

    You may want to try "real" PH Down. I know with some home remedies for lowering pH like lemon juice and vinegar that you can buffer it to within range and then the next day it drifts back up, same thing may be the case with the organic ingredients in what you're using. The regular PH Down is concentrated acid.
  3. Yeah, I calibrated my meter a few times over and it calibrates right at the buffer points. I am mainly worried that all my organic work for this grow would go out the window if I start adding synthetic solutions...but then again, I also know that if my organic efforts were on point then ph would not even be an issue...I was thinking about trying sulfur but I heard that is really easy to screw things up since sulfur can drop ph really quickly....but thats what i need at this point right?
  4. Id water in one tablesppon of dolomite lime per gallon of dirt. This should stabalize your ph at 7 . Then you ph down should lower it. I had real problems like this and this did fix the ptoblem. Took about 5 days .
  5. Thanks guys! I actually did a search of this subject for grasscity from google and I saw that this subject did in fact come up back in July of last year and dolomite was the common answer from everyone who responded. I guess I will give it a shot. I gotta get my girls back towards their comfort zone!
  6. Dolomitic lime...just added some to my girls to ward off the evil ph demons
  7. okay. Im gonna get some and add it in. Thanks everybody!

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