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  1. I bought a cubic yard of 50/50 screened topsoil and 100 quarts of perelite and 100 quarts of pete moss. If I mix this all together should it get me through a entire grow? Also what temperature should my grow area be?
  2. Most agree (myself including) that coco coir is much better that peat moss.

    Peat moss is acidic and can screw your ph up.
  3. Ok good thing I can return it thanks for the input
  4. I would take the time to find a proven soil recipe and use that to build your soil if you're planning on doing your own. The soil you use is a pretty big deal and there's a lot more to it than tossing some of this and that into it and having too much of this and not enough of that can hurt your plant. It's super important that you get a very light and arid mix though. Drainage is super important to keeping these plants healthy. TWW
  5. Can I add coco coir to my soil blend or should it be on top or something like that or just mix it with everything?
  6. What do u mean by proven soil recipe?
  7. Cococoir can be mixed with soil. Coco by itself retains about 25 or more percent oxygen even when fully saturated. If you go that route still recommended mixing in some perlite.

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  8. I'm using smart pots so I'm Not worried about air retention I'm worried about water
  9. I was simple telling you FYI type thing but OK. It still relates to water retention lol. The question was asked is it possible and the answer is yes.

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