My soil and when I should start feeding

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  1. I have 2 stealth plants, I had three but I think a bunny rabbit has a buzz now. One is in a 4.4 gal pot and the other is in a 2.3 gal pot.
    My soil mix is:
    Harvest Super powered soil organic garden soil w/organic fertilizer
    A couple hand fulls of Miracle Grow organic choice bone meal & blood meal
    The seedlings were transferred to pots mid June. They are both about 16 inches. I will post pics tomorrow I only have pics from my iphone which contain gps so i will take some with my camera. When I moved them from my balcony a few weeks ago to a stealth spot they grew much faster due to sunlight. I am in the north east tri state area USA. The seeds are from a bag of Mexican Sinsemilla which I think is mostly or all sativa. Good stuff very cerebral.
    My question is should I begin feeding or wait because my soil was a well fertilized mix. Is there a visible sign I could see that would indicate a need to fertilize? I want to stay organic. This is my first grow. I got started late because I had to learn the hard way that a germinated seed will burn in well fertilized soil so I bought the seedling starter trays then transplanted.
    Next year I will buy seeds. I want some Indica, I like the heavy stoner buzz like I used to get from Columbian gold when I was a teenager in the 80's. My harvest time will be mid-October since sativa take 4-6 weeks to flower and 12/12 starts in September here.
    Thanks for all feedback.
  2. You could add some earth worm castings, compost, kelp meal, or alfalfa meal all would help
  3. Should I add on top of soil then water? How much given the size of my pots (2 gal & 4 gal) and my plants 16". I was thinking of the fertilizer you add to water. I don't want to burn them after all my effort.

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