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My so called 'friend'

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChubbyRage, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Hey GC, I just wanted to share this as i'm kind of mad at the moment.

    So first off me and my friend usually toke and he's a good friend, well sometimes he can be, sometime he can be a real arsehole and that's what he has been today.

    Anyway in the past when i've had weed in school he's tried to steal it before. I know this as i had my bag by my chair and went off to talk to some friends and came back and my bag had moved and it was down by his feet, so i moved it again then came back to check and he was sitting in my place and acted all suspicious when i came over. By the way i'm in my last year at school as i've stayed on, i'm 18.

    And anyway yesterday i met up with him and some other friends, we slept the night at my other friends house. All went good we smoked some joints and I had some left that i was gunna save for another time. Then this morning he was hastily trying to go home, so i though something's not right. I checked my bag where i had my joints in and they were gone with my lighter and rizlas. So i check his bag and it was in his bag, this just really pissed me off. How can he just betray me like that, what an asshole. Don't think i'm ever going to toke with him again now.

    Anyway, now it's all out :D

    Post any opinions or w/e

  2. HAHAH.... the nerve on some people! don't fret tho, we all encounter those people at some point

    Advice: Make new friends and learn to spot the drug fiends, can't trust them to much! may i also recommend you don't vent on this forum but rather make ur feelings are known to your friend; a good smack in the face should do the trick. lol
  3. Lol thanks for the advice.
  4. time to get a new friend, i wouldnt chill with him if he tries to steal my shit! no fucking way

    \ :smoking:
  5. Putting out a joint on his face while his asleep should do the trick :smoke:

    Yeah, but sorry you had to deal with such a douche...
  6. i think its totally fine you are trying to vent on here, this is a VERY awkward situation, and this is something i feel, can only be discussed on a cannabis forum. 8)

    but yeah, thats really weird of him... honestly if he steals from you like that he has some problems, just stay away from him now, if anything he brings you down.

  7. I agree with this man. If you extinguish your joint on his face then he'll obviously get why he's being burned and he'll have to look in the mirror everyday and be reminded of what a little bitch he is. You know over in the middle east they would have cut his hand off... so tell him he should be grateful it's only a small burn hahahaha. Long Live Justice!
  8. hell no I might beat his ass. Wouldnt chill with him anymore
  9. You kinda asked for it, putting up with a friend who steals your shit. I woulda dropped that fool the first time it happened
  10. a dangerous generalization here that's only in Saudi Arabia BTW.. and those brotha's are wack
  11. Avoid those kind off people, their no good.

  12. Why is that a dangerous generalization? Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab country in the middle east. I said middle east due to the fact of I knew the location just not the specific point. I'm sure sometimes people say "Over in America" all the time but no specific place is given.
  13. That's kinda messed up. If your sharing then there is no need to steal. Don't smoke with him again or if you are don't let him see ya stash....
  14. Thanks for all the advice guys, but it's very awkward as he's in pretty much all my classes and friends with my best friend at school and he always hangs around with him :/

    But i confronted him asking why he did it and he's having a little strop as he usually does. The spoilt brat.
  15. Weed thieves aren't friends, they're fiends.
  16. i meant dangerous in its lightest sense possible, hehehe its just 1 country out of 18 that actually does that.. just sayin tho! and your right people always say that "over in America" but thats the disadvantages of a nation of states under one flag i suppose... hehe mass generalizations.
    its all good bro

  17. True.

    Also his mum gets him ANYTHING he likes, gives him money whenver he wants it so he could easily get some from a dealer if he wanted to. But he just relies on me all the time.

    I think it's time I told him to GTFO or die.
  18. what a douche bag :eek:
  19. #19 TheSabz, Oct 2, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 2, 2010
    There ya goo.. a bit blunt.. be hey,we're all here for the blunts right? :D
  20. Now he's saying "you're starting one of your pathetic arguements again." lmao and telling me to calm down.

    Also just to humiliate him, my friends played a prank on him saying that they don't like him because we brought weed, and they don't smoke but they're cool with it. Then afte rthey said they don't like him as a joke he started to cry haha.

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